September 20, 2021

41 thoughts on “From Ghana to Kenya More Americans Are Moving to Africa

  1. Hi, folks a tiny math correction at 1:05 – while indeed 1 American, 4 Indians and 4 Chinese would be at our imaginary planetary dinner party for 25, the rest of the world would be represented by 16, not 20 guests.

  2. With this video, he is catering to Europeans. When they say “ Americans” , they’re talking about whites. They address us as African Americans and you never heard him say that. Africa doesn’t need the racism that most European nations have. AFRICA IS THE HOME OF BLACKS. We’ve learned what integration with Europeans is all about and most of us can’t stand it so we’ll make our way back to Africa to be around our people. Don’t encourage Europeans to go where they’re not wanted.

  3. As long as Africans break away from All European Chinese and any foreign powers I really don't care who this there as long as they were helping and not hurting

  4. Americans in Kenya are concentrated around UNEP, RUNDA which are suburbs of Nairobi. A very rich neighborhood.. For Britons, most can be found in Nanyuki, a town in the slopes of Mt Kenya.. mostly coz of UK military base presence in the area…. Families or military servicemen.

  5. Americans are not building the Apps and Technology in Africa, the tech drive in Africa is by African youth, who are savvy coders. The age-old American narratives of poor African that need American saviour's help is not why Americans are coming to Africa,

    The increased numbers of Americans in Africa tend to be those running away from racism and police brutality, those coming back to their roots for a better lifestyle, and the increasing number of military bases, the latter of which is a real concern if we look at what happened to the middle east after US military bases arrived in the middle east.

  6. Africans tend to be really welcoming. The poorer the country the nicer the people. White/Asian(not arabs) foreigners tend to appreciate what we have even the minority coming to steal. The Arabs are usually running or coming to invest. The black Americans come to brag😐. Most Africans will tell you black Americans expect more than whites. Even rich Africans going to another African country think better of themselves than others. I hope it's a mindset we can change and not a default DNA setting.

  7. Non diaspora need to stay out Africans nations, things in the west is falling apart don’t come and try and influence my ppl, raise up prices and bringing in western influences and cultures… I am an American and I pray the diaspora and the rest of the African nations can come to terms…. we can build a better nation ourselves

  8. The west has reached an economic dead end. Africa is the last frontier. Demographics and abundant natural resources are in favour of Africa. The next few decades will see a commodity boom raising many africans into the middle class. Folks, look up in the sky the aliens are coming. Protect your resources.

  9. The images of africa as poor dark and stupid were indeed very helpful! The thought of Europeans moving to africa in large numbers is very scary and should not be allowed. Look at south africa for example, who needs to live like that in their father lands. Africans can indeed be very naive but we know the indoctrination is from birth through churches and the entire education system. Hope they think through this real hard!! As for diaspora blacks no problem africa is their home as well ✌

  10. Everyone is welcome to Africa especially our Brothers and Sisters who are descendants of our enslaved ancestors to the Americas. We love them to come back to the land of their ancestors.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  11. Jamaicans are coming home, returning to our Ancestors lands that they left behind when they were kidnapped or sold from AFRICA Continent IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.

  12. I find you explanation for why foreigners go to Africa as condescending. You forget to mention EXPLOITATION and more.
    Do you use western standard to think it is beneficial to African
    You see Africa really does not need the rest of the world.
    All you and others do there is take and steal indirectly.
    How do you explain how the richest continent on the planet in natural resources is the poorest? Because of people like you.
    Ghana Ivory Coast produce almost 80-90% of the $200B Cocoa yet only make 10%
    Switzerland, Netherlands DO NOT have Cocoa trees yet make several times more just to put paper on that Cocoa label.

    Lastly, teach and help African about good governance or HELP PUT Puppets who will make stealing easy?
    Try fixing racial inequality in Western countries towards Africans.
    Help them not drown while trying to reach Europe.

  13. Edward i enjoyed your video, KUDOS!. It would be good to see videos on specific countries/regions topics including : culture :economy :opportunities :best places to setup various industries.

  14. Please we don’t have enough room for everyone. Y’all have portrayed Africa in search bizarre ways in your media’s, now that y’all society are falling apart and people are becoming more stressed now y’all looking to start migrating to Africa it a big no for me. Only it descendants can return and they have to leave that America or western ideology and homosexuality behind. Otherwise Africa has no place that bs.

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