July 4, 2022


  1. What do you think about this large illegal program ran by the fbi called GANG STALKING General SETI.
    General SETI we need someone like you to use your platform to inform people about GANG STALKING.
    This GANG STALKING program is human trafficking done by the government and police and multiple innocent people are becoming victims…

  2. What do you think about this large illegal program ran by the fbi called GANG STALKING General SETI.
    General SETI we need someone like you to use your platform to inform people about GANG STALKING.
    This GANG STALKING program is human trafficking done by the government and police and multiple innocent people are becoming victims…

  3. Seti…there weren’t only Egyptians in Egypt…am I LYING? THere were other black cultures in Egypt like YISRAEL…the same ones here who CREATED HIP HOP AGAIN!!!

  4. You can show these pics over and over Seti, and I never get tired of it. I showed my mother that afro beyond all across That's definitely not a blow out. That's THE ORIGINAL OF ALL ORIGINALS!! Love it!!

  5. The woolly hair grows in a spiral like everything in nature. All plants and even seashells. Because of the universe. The universe goes in a circle. The woolly hair helps recieve messages. That's why radio resistors are similar to are hair. If you cut all your hair off you will see the spiral pattern on the scalp. We are naturally connected to life. Spiral = Spirit

  6. All ancient religions were started by a deeply melaninated man. The people with the big pineal glands and melanin running through their skin, blood, organs etc. Google the WHOOLY HAIR GODS

  7. A freeman named MUSTAPHA AL ZEMMOURI (Mauri Latter Day Phoenixian) sailed many times before Columbass to Amaurica. How else was he able to converse with every tribe [who all LOVED him] across Amaurica from Florida to Khalifa-lan. I'm sure he was provided with the nicest maidens by every Chief to sleep-with as he traveled through their territories. Babies were born 9 months after he left each tribe. How many of US share his BLOODLINE?
    Copies of the journals he wrote are still preserved and hidden in Timbuktu, and untouchable/forbidden to Neandertalbinos.

    al-Zemmauri returned after Columbass to guide Spanish spies as a SUBJECT under duress (because his family was being held hostage) after the fall of Granada.
    A standard TACTIC of the Inquisitors.

    The Spanish chronicles later wrote-in the name Esteban to hide the evidence of his travels from public (OUR/YOUR) knowledge.

    What do you think happened to those TALENTED Mauri POW's during the Maurish War (Reconquesta/Inquisition) all the way through to the Barbary War?

    How many unknown Mauri genuises, scholars, architects, craftsmen were POW's and forced to translate OUR scrolls in the dungeons [for the Masons] of the New Europe?

    How do you think the Maurs were coerced into building the Cathedrals that happened to enshrine BLACK MADONNAs?

    Who were the MARIAN (Maurian) EXILES? Research!

    Who were the BLACK NOBILITY of VENICE (Venus) Tuscany long BEFORE 'black' emerged from Shakespeare's final codification of the Anglish language?
    Before the land became flooded?

    Is this how OUR Mauri Estrucians of Rome survived, by retreating among 7 Hills (mounds)?

    There were calamities involving massive polar ice melts flowing into the Mediterranean (middle Earth) transforming 2 LAKES into 1 Sea (mar), and also the BLACK (MAURI) SEA.

    What was the Black Sea called by west Azians who didn't speak Anglish? ______ Mar?

    Who's lately been playing with the VOWELS, whereas when WE ruled they were not used?

    Who were the 'SEA PEOPLE' (Mauriners)? Why has western acade-media assigned names for everybody in HIStory, except THEM???

    There are things hidden in the cave vaults of Timbuktoo, India, Tibet (Thebes), Angkor, etc… that can utterly destroy the Western Paradigm (patrix) if revealed. Is this the hidden reason for conflict at these areas?
    Somebody don't want US to decode OUR OWN scrolls, heirographs, and storyboards.

    Been to and studied at the wall reliefs at Borobodur. OUR story is carved there, but tourist books and videos only show US the outside.

    Why don't people know about GUNUNG PADANG, the largest pyramound on earth, that was mistaken for a mountain?

    We are constantly being played.

    ALL squabbles/divisions between Hebrews, Moors, Muslims, Africans, Aboriginals, Indigenous Indians, Native Indians, Olmexans, Dalits, Blackfellas, Melanesians, Azians, Eskimoz, etc… only benefit one ENEMY group exclusively. Hint, hint.

    Balance playing more chess while connecting the dots of ourstory.

    I have heard that some of my postings are being discussed in classrooms from elementary to graduate level. Excellent. Thank OUR Elders, not me. I'm just their messenger and watcher.

    OUR GOLDEN AGE will inevitably return.
    Participate in THAT and live.
    Be a spectator and die pre-maturely.
    Fear not to sacrifice your lives if need be.
    Buddha and Krishna taught US to not be so attached to the present physical bodies. Study them, and die MATURELY.

    The CODE of BUSHIDO serves those who occasionally have to unsheath their sWORDS and swing. BE always ready.

    Become CODIFIED (Neely Fuller Jr?).

    All is written in the AKUSHIC RECORDS.

    Untangle yourselves from the PATRIX.

  8. Prince Seti, 'Son of Afrika born in America' #SOABIA I SALUTE YOU.
    I must admit that Ghanaian traditional Priests and their attendants still wear those aprons during festive rituals, and the high Priests wear the white cloth draped over the left shoulder to this day.

  9. YAPPING YAPPERS please digest 'The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Women'. https://youtu.be/JoxGcZFd4tY
    Step out of the PARROTS PATRIX (patriarchal hell cage). The PARROTED term Matrix is used as a Hollyweird diversionary term when in fact MATRIARCHAL society is our HIVE/HEAVEN/HAVEN. From post-Adamites to Arabism to Americism it's been a Patriarchal hell for US. A PATRIX.

    The MATRIX society is based on an ancient template learned from 'ANT' and 'BEE' colonies. MOUND/HIVE BUILDERS! Pyramids?

    The Euro-Patrix is designed around a 'Lion' template.

    The ATLANTIS LION and ATLANTIS ELEPHANT (Masterdon) are both now extinct.
    Even the lion on the Ethiopian flag is gone.
    A step towards OUR MATRIX?

    The lion society template has a 6000 year maximum temporary defensive purpose. It's only meant to operate in a predator/prey environment. Once that becomes manageable WE resort back to OUR Ant/Bee (mound/hive) TEMPLATE honoring Queendom WISDOM.

    Is not Australia/Patagonia/Tasmania/Maorilan predator free territories? They "beat their swords into plowshares" too soon. Was not their peaceful nature taken advantage of by Neanderthalbinos?
    Let US be on guard like lions with the overstanding the ultimate HEREAFTER/HIVE (heaven) MOUND is yet to come.

    Nothing is NEW under the Sun. Not even Solomon's parroting of pre-Adamite wisdom. I suspect he sat at the feet of the MA-KEDAR of SHEBAZZ to learn the wisdom mis-attributed to him (men scribes monopolized the scroll industry) up to this day. See the con game OUR sisters HIVE endured.

    AMNESIANS (clonegros?) can learn from this.

    Ants (mound builders) will NEVER go extinct.

    Neandertalbino Feminists praise (hijack?) HYPATIA as if she was one of them. Hell NOT!
    HYPATIA ben THEON al MAUR looked more like Grace Jones than Cher.

    It's a psychoLOGICAL war against US, thru their language/timeline/geography MANipulation. HIStory!
    WE counter with the WOMANipulation of HERstory.

    The logic is: If the Mauri woman is the first/primary nurturer of youngling (lingim/male) beings then HER OVERstanding of HERstory is paramount to ALL of US. He-bros too.

    Most of US are trapped/con-fined/imprisoned in an Anglish LANGUAGE PARADIGM we don't overstand.
    Those of US in the DEEPEST part of THEIR sunken place (the hole/dungeon) are babbling PARROTS (YAPPERS?) of Old Anglish Shake-Spear BibLIES.
    RE-viving OUR PHOENIXIAN script and speech is inevitable. BOW to Truth.
    RE-store OUR Mother Tongue.
    RE-spect OUR Mother WIT.

    Let's help OUR heebruses HEAL with this truth.

    You are reading the pages of a book to be titled "BLACK AND WHITE" (as was prophesied).

    NEPHOENIXIANS are rising from the ashes, AGAIN!

  10. OLMEC DAY (Oct 8) is not a joke. The word hurricane come from the OLMEC (not Mayan) word Hurrakhan (Farrakhan?). A God. Marcus MOZIAH G. said "Look for me in the WHIRLWIND" What he knew?

    The southern corner of S.Amaurica was Patagonia. A land of GIANTS. Giggle Earth it.
    A mega-tsunami bulldozed OUR megacity at Terra del Fuego into a pile of underwater rubble. What crashed into the ocean and caused that hydro-flow? Decode Randall Carlson.

    The area was surveyed by Admiral Byrds flights (aerial) and Nazi submarine operations (underwater).

    They been hauling up classified artifacts for decades. Obama and even the Pope went down there to see OUR artifacts.

    Cemeteries found in Antarctica were full of Mauri OLMEC giants.

    The drawings they show of Patagonian Giants are false and misleading. The drawings show them looking lighter skinned and straight hair like Amazonians. Obscuration!
    Artists/sketchers (living cameras) sailed on all ships. Magellan saw them. Even kidnapped some females (Hanno?) and brought back to Europa.

    The last of the PATAGONIAN GIANTS died (exterminated?) around the same time as the Tasmanian GIANTS. Coincidince? Where are the pictures photographed in the 1800's? They exist.

    The true reason for Falkland Island War: Location access. Queen E (UK) wanted to grab her some Tierra del Fuego treasure booty from the Argentinian Jesuwizards (Vatican Nazis).
    Underwater gold & silver.

    Dots connected?

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