September 22, 2023

The whole long struggle for freedom and independence was for the welfare, security and dignity of our people, but Africans continue to inflict suffering on each other. When will it end, asks New editor Anver Versi.

The recent period has been a heavy time for , with large numbers of people needlessly losing their precious lives as a result of incredibly callous and merciless action by our fellow Africans. Hundreds of thousands have been made homeless.

In Burkina Faso, 60 innocent villagers, including children were gunned down by jihadists who had already taken at least 40 lives in April; in Mali, already reeling from repeated attacks by terrorists, suicide bombers killed a dozen more people and in , at least 90 emaciated bodies were discovered by police – they had starved to death, convinced by a flinty-eyed cult leader that they would ascend to heaven by doing so.

The worst example of this random taking of has been the…

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