September 21, 2023
Fuck Sara Suten Seti and Egyptology

11 thoughts on “Fuck Sara Suten Seti and Egyptology

  1. these clowns are like a disease they just keep coming back like cancer, brothers are trying to build and we have the real enemy on all sides killing our people and planning the distruction of our grandchildren and professor fuckheads answer is i will come at my own brother. go book a venue and give a presentation to the people on this wonderful science you have, YOUR GOING TO SAY FUCK EGYPT and the talk about "the scripture says" stay on your playstation negro leave the revolution to grown ups

  2. The Hebrews did not build Egypt. Get your facts straight. Brother stop using the Bible as an historical record, because you will fail. The Bible was given to you by the white Tamahu devil, don't use it to identify yourself. Look into John Henrik Clarke

  3. This dummy don't know that king Taharka came to save the israelites.and also can't see the demonization of women in the bible. No other culture gave women the props she deserves like Kemet, you bitch!!!!!

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