September 20, 2023

20 thoughts on “FULL PROOF SOUTHERN AFRAKA CREATED ANCIENT EGYPT!!! #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti

  1. U falling off ur throne god. I understand ur teachings, but we need some different family. U seem to have gotten away from the fight with this beast and on nothing but Ancient history which isn’t helping us in this war we in today with this beast race u turn on Young Pharaoh, u don’t even mention the brother since that beast blocked him. That shows how disloyal u are fam. I don’t even view many of ur videos anymore, your titles don’t even show much interest at all. I still got love for u tho bro. Come back with that raw and bring our brother Pharaoh back on the scene on ur platform.. have u been bought off too?

  2. I am very sorry to hear the News that Malikah Shabazz one of Malcolm X's daughter's  that was born September 30th 1965 has passed away  It is my prayer that she is with God Almighty now and God will protect and bless her remaining Sister's and relative's.
    We were both born in the year 1965, I was born May 2nd 1965.

  3. It kills me that I may never meet you. I wish I was older so I coulda met you when you was doing lectures and touring and stuff. You prolly was in the New England area at some point.

  4. Are these the original names of these places cause if not u gotta do like u tell israelite brothers and bring out the real names not no translated map cause like u said there's power N them names ❗️

  5. Mu Fuckers I just need to say bless it be RA shining everyday to wake up L the General amd to have in place a strong figure his uncle an many others to place him where he need to be to become the general afer your up bring the stones are up and walking General we gotta meet again maybe a new HQ a location of your choosing, where we at. Can we speak on it. I'm getting to be your age OG….IN HONORE, A FACE TO FACE

  6. Can we put a lil more blackness on the gods names family a lil more bass
    Can we adjust the frequency a lil more like.
    Osiris =OUWSI…example. meditation vocals
    Anubbis = IOW…example. Dogs in the field.
    "My favorite adjustment cause I hear RA sliding in" Haru = HI'A…example dominant medium and large birds and yes even a 🦆 duck an swans 2
    Can you feel me?

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