November 28, 2021

37 thoughts on “FURIOUS 7

  1. Ah yes the plot was amazing.

    Plot: Hey lets go find the Gods Eye so we can find Shaw.
    Also Plot: Oh shit, it's Shaw! Run!
    Plot Still: Phew we got away from Shaw, not lets continue getting Gods Eye so we can find Shaw.

  2. rip pual he was a good man he could drift do everything but we just had to lose him never met him but I hope he is in a better place but he'll rest in peace you will never be forgotten

  3. Paul walker held a really big part in my life although never met the man but I will never forget him, and I’ll make sure he’s never forgotten. Rest In Peace Paul 👑

  4. Paul will always be remember by all as one of the best actors!! Hope he is now in a better place!!! I know I will certainly miss everything about him!!! Such a guy right there that we have lost.

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