December 7, 2021

26 thoughts on “Gabby Petito Case: What We Know About the Van Life YouTuber Who Went Missing in Wyoming

  1. *The police profiled this coward. Because he was white, thin, and non-threatening they assumed everything was ok. The suspect used his white privilege tactfully here, and played the officers into letting him go while leaving Gabby obviously distraught. If the suspect had been a person of color, he would have been detained and arrested, they wouldn’t even have checked him for scratches or marks.*

    Police profiling is a cancerous disease on the fabric of our society, it needs to change with proper training and retraining that should be taking place nation wide… instead, nothing has been done to correct, so humanity continues moving forward, destroying ourselves by consistently wearing the glasses of prejudice while carrying out the duty to enforce the law.

  2. This is a tragedy and unfortunate that it happens to over 29K women every year in the US. That aside, I think it’s ridiculous calling this young lady “America’s Daughter.” I mean WTF, not everyone in “America” are white, and blonde. Call it “Gen Z Tragedy” or “social media’s missing person”.

    RIP Gabby, I hope her soul has found closure.

  3. I have had enough of the "narcissist" labelling being thrown about like a new trend – These two are both tragically dead – Shame on all those commenting here calling them names.

  4. They will need to get DNA match with both parents to prove to any scientist/educated person that he is dead; and that will need to be verified by an independent forensic examiner hired by Gabby's parents.
    Then, we have done all that can be done.

    Sounds macabre, but it's been done, re: get bones from grave of last dead relative, but there will not be any with BOTH their DNA, so they can't try the ol' we will just use mitochondrial DNA from mother!

    One Psychic said his father killed him in rage (eg. the 911 calls after he got home, before gabby found, and not about due to her dad's threats); and they were "cure"-ing body outside (😳).
    *But look, we all WATCHED Brian's parents behave suspiciously & bizarrely for weeks; and their own daughter agreed including the following:
    (1) parents took filled bag of canned goods to attorney office- then, left office with bag empty and folded
    (2) Brian's father haa a business rental unit in same office building as fake "attorney".
    (3). Parents 🦜 Ng to, and playing with a hand in their garden plot (that appeared only after Gabby's death discovered)
    (4) Brian's parents had work done on their lawn, after Gabby's body was found- this resulted in two square in-ground, what appeared to be gardening, units constructed.
    (5). Parent'ss drove to attorney office but made hour detour to a library, where they did not consulting anyone, book or periodical
    (6). parent's Lied to FBI about where the mustang had been, how long, and date of him fleeing LE
    (7). parents made several 911 calls before Brian left
    (8). Parents phone records or burner phone buying has not been exposed
    (9) Brian's social media has been updated daily
    (10). The odds against the parents scampering out to reserve and finding Brian's "body" before they broke a sweet, is 10billion-to-1
    (11) parent's "new" garden plots they were playing in, but not cultivating, needs to be examined

  5. I think the FBI and the police need to hire some psychic medium that is trustworthy and well-known to talk to Gabby to find out what happened and to find out where Brian is hiding. I think he is still alive and his parents have been trying to cover it up by leading the authorities to the wrong places to waste millions of taxpayers money!! and then finally pretended to help look for Brian in the wrong place so that way later on they won’t be charged for obstruction of justice but I’m sure they know he’s not there. People never seen Brian came out of the house is because I am sure when he was reported missing, his parents already took him to some safe places in the middle of the night where everybody is sleeping to hide him such a drive to Mexico and now he could be in disguise with probably wig, shaved his mustache and colored or shaved his eyebrows, etc and wear long pants and long sleeve shirt so nobody can see his tattoos. Places where he normally hung out before such as in the wilderness is definitely going not going to be a place where he’s going to hide as a FUGITIVE knowing that he killed Gabby and by common sense, knowing that the authorities would be looking for him at all the familiar places that he hung out before. I don’t think people have much common sense and think that he would hang at places where he used to hang out before he killed his fiancé. It’s only common sense that not a lot of people seem to have.

  6. It’s very obvious Brian wanted that Van. He wanted it so bad to the point it blinded him. And it would be that Van that would point to Gabby’s murderer. Why else would he be so stupid to have her Van in his possession. It was a fight over control. But it was Gabby’s Van.

  7. He mine as well turn his silly ass in! The the evidence just states to the obvious. You went with her, you came back without her and with her vehicle. And your extremely quiet and no explanation. How guilty can a person look?

  8. Seems like You Tubers are the new wave, overriding movie stars, as celebrities. And just like the movie stars, the higher they rise, in fame, the more followers they draw, and the less freedom they have to do some things they use, to do, so freely, like going in a store, for bread, without being bombarded with fans. You just have to watch your steps, when you rise up. Jealousy be all around you.

  9. The van was found abandon why would the media say he drove it back home? THAT van led search parties to find the body.Brian was reported hitch hiking .from Montana.none of this makes sence.

  10. Stop !! We don’t know anything. We are being strung along . The F.B.I and police know . We are a strong country can defeat issis . We are being played they either have him or know. Strung along is what I mean. The Court TV guy should be kicked off. He was great now not so much. Fire him. Everybody is chasing the buck over a Murder . Be ashamed of yourself.

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