December 7, 2021

30 thoughts on “Gabby Petito: Timeline of fateful cross-country trip

  1. The Patitos raised an EXTREMELY codependent, mentally unstable woman/child… then, the passed her over to the Laundries for them to deal with as soon as she was legally able to leave their home.. then to top it off, they blame the Laundrie parents because they can't find a mirror to look in to see the Parents who are actually guilty of not caring enough about their daughter to teach her enough to keep her alive… after all, she was just over 18yrs of age, so her irratic, me tally unstable codependency didn't crop up in a mere 2 yrs, when you watch the videos, she has been a sick puppy for a lifetime…. shame on the patitio "parents"

  2. Girls don't date so fast.. dont fall for " marry me" its not a movie.

    Wake up

    I smell a planned murder.
    This is too much of a "honey trap"
    Very predictable equation for disaster.

  3. She was such a sweet and innocent soul. No matter what had happened between them he shouldn’t have did that to her. She deserved more in life. The laundries are sick people… leaving the petitos stressed and overwhelmed… Rest In Peace sweet girl.

  4. Something really sinister about the last few seconds of this video. The scene where she is on the beach but the speed has been manipulated and there is a consuming bright light coming in from the right taking more of the screen. This spells out death to me. So dark and weird

  5. They were more interested in making videos and pictures for their channel and social media and getting it right then their relationship, how sad, I am sure they both were fighting each other physically, Brian should have backed off no and left her if she started it, if he started the physical flighting with her then he is a low life looser, but I don’t think gabby was any angel and I would not be surprised if she did start the fighting first.

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