May 22, 2022

49 thoughts on “Gambia Eliminates Eye Disease, France Accomplice to Rwanda Genocide, Angola Heavy Rains Kill

  1. Nice! Let's talk about getting the African Union to be a real organism and do something about the situation in Mali to restore peace. Diving Mali is not an option. Blacks have owned and ruled over North Africa along with the Middle East for eons. If the AU fails Mali and Congo, it has failed its mission entirely at least when it comes it Gold Production/Usage to benefit Africans and the diaspora around the world! It's not a complicated matter at all.

  2. watching it from France and thanks for this news it feels great to be inform about what's going on in Africa. Mainstream media are evoking only about tragic events happening in Africa.

  3. France activities in the sahel region also amounts to genocide. They paid thugs in Libya to ensure Africans don't reach Europe , but won't leave Africans alone in their homeland.

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  5. Time for the French
    To go home
    And anybody else
    We all we got 💘
    They dont care of love us
    Most hate us
    They want our land and resources
    And us off this planet
    if we do it rite and together
    It will happen
    And i believe it will✊👍

  6. They are going to make Ethiopia, the 2nd Rwanda! Please African family be a voice to Ethiopian. At the moment there is a genocide against the Amhara tribe by a group called Oneg shen from oromia region. The world is slient, but there are cities already like syria! Burning down buildings, killing people and so on. And the west doesn't want us to build our dam. So Africans please be a voice to your African brother!

  7. Rwanda should keep it's self away from France. They had been spreading propaganda about the genocide. Now starts to apologise. The muzungu never change, he always appear in different form.

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