Garvey Blyden Day in St. Croix, United Virgin Islands
August 17th, 2012
@ Harbor Lites Courtyard in Freedom City, Frederiksted St. Croix, United Virgin Islands In harmony with Spiritual Warriors, Organizers & Supporters of Global Garvey Day Commemorative Tributes on this 125th Anniversary of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey’s birth on August 17th, 1887

Honoring, Celebrating and Commemorating Our Great Freedom Leaders!
Paying Tribute to the 180th Anniversary of the Honorable Rev. Dr. Edward Wilmot Blyden born in St. Thomas, Danish West Indies (now Virgin Islands of the USA) on August 3rd, 1832.

Our Khammunity celebrates the life and achievements of the Honorable Marcus Garvey! Born in Jamaica; Founder of the UNIA-ACL; Father of African Fundamentalism; Inspirational Orator; and Great Leader of African Black People known for the phrase: “One God One Aim One Destiny”!

Our Khammunity celebrates the life and achievements of the Honorable Rev. Dr. Edward Wilmot Blyden! Born in St. Thomas, VI; Father of PanAfricanism; Father of PanAfricanism; Father of Repatriation; African Leader, Statesman and Diplomat!

May we honor, organize and commemorate our PanAfrican and AfRaKan World Union Holy Days and Celebrations for Liberation, Unification, Natural Ascension and Healing!

Special Thanks to:
Elder Lorne Dawson, CEO of Harbor Lites Courtyard
Musical Artist Mada Nile- “Dream Big Never Small”
Per Ankh M Smai Tawi –
Sekhmet Enterprises (STX)
UNIA-ACL Global Government

Roaryal Abeba (STJ)
Collective Black People Movement

Video Commentary By:
Nsw NebKaRa HerishetaPaHeru, PerAnkh M SmaiTawi
Br. Richard Muhammad, NOI/Muhammad Study Group
Ras Kendall Seigo Petersen, House of Rastafari
Baba Zucan, Elder Master Traditional Cultural Artist
Mada Nile, International Musical Artist
Sa Anuka Y. Selah Davis Kahina, Per Ankh
Sa Anua Chekwame Z. Davis Kahina, Per Ankh
Dua to Anubi Chionesu, Anua Chekwame,
Akeru Nefer, Anuka Selah and Anuptah Taiwo for drumming with Baaba NebKaRa for
Garvey Blyden Day 2012!
Asante Sana M Dua For Full Strength from the
Members of UNIA-ACL#307
& The St. Croix Community –
SntSatMwt Sekhmet, Sekhmet Enterprises
Sr. Oceana James, Performing Artist & Educator
Sr. Iria Oshun Tokun, Arts Educator & Therapist
Mwt Isumyah & Sr. Abimbola of Vegetarian Creations
Ras Desmond Emanuel, Boboshanti Order
Honorable Senator Terrence Nelson
Sisters Empowering Sisters
Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress
House of Rastafari
Ethiopian World Federation- St. Croix
African Restoration Community Project (ARC)
African Hebrew Israelites
UCA Redemption
& Other Universal African Nationalism VI Circles
& All the Youth that listened & learned in RAspect!

International Partnerships and Affiliations with:
Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus, VI
Pan African Diaspora Union
North American African Diaspora Unity Council

Music Courtesy:
Mada Nile
Hugh Mundell, “Africa Dub”
Baba Tyehimba, Traditional African Drums

For More Information or to Join
UNIA-ACL Queen Mary Hubert Harrison Div#307
Call 305-407-2654 or Email:

Videography & Editing by NswtMwt Dr. Chenzira for PerAnkh NuMedia
(That’s why you HEAR her and do not SEE her in this video!)

One God! One Aim! One Destiny!
Ua NTR! Ua Sep! Ua Shai!
All Rights Reserved-2012
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