Gemini ~ Spiritual connections! ~ Venus Love Reading Jan 13th – Feb 6th

Decks Used
1. Love Story Romance Oracle
2. Love Oracle Cards (pink cards) –
3. Love Oracle Cards (black cards) –
4. Lovers’ Tarot –
5. White Light Oracle –

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  1. A touch of light I felt your plight disrupting my realm ….
    like a mirror I seen your destruction a reflection burning my heart with your restriction
    A game you chose to play and I gladly joined you ….
    Unknowingly you’d consume my brain like a flame searing me; bonded to a chain of misery; little did you know that chain would catch you too …. your pains burning me like a twin I felt that yearn….the cries you weep at night drip drip tears streaming down my face ….
    Your presence sensed all around me ….
    your image not witnessed by vivid visibility only of a feeling of warmth that overwhelmed me ….
    Never have I ever felt such treacherous sensations a point I felt your hold on me was satanicly guided ..
    The more I pushed bk the more I felt the burn ….a direction you ran, I turned the opposite of it …only to be tugged back to your prospection blissfully I welcomed…
    Your image unwilling to depart my thought no matter how much I tried…. only but daggers of pain it brought piercing my gut….
    Cripple me torment me and tare up my heart …. those cuts wound you too I’m sure cause I feel them too…
    No matter how much you try to escape it or hide many times as I tried to ? I get drug bk like a narcotic an addiction tugging me right back to you….
    Those drinks you chug numbing your pain caught my brain with pain in the form of migraines I’ve never experienced until you…your hurt I gained and felt your anger triggers came across me too igniting a rage inexplicable to many around me……
    Call it a blessing or a call it curse
    I sense your resentment towards me as I do you questioning how did we get here ? Twin flame ….is my only interpretation a testimony through God that landed you on my path and me in yours….no regrets wouldn’t trade it for the world…. I love you and always will no matter where you wind up in life I ask God to protect you always….💕

  2. I will not own it but it did hurt. Thank GOD for healing. I can't look back and see what I did to hurt this persons heart or pride. I'm not worried 😟tho, I feel good. Maybe that bond will last until another time. I've got traveling to do. I am not a glutton for punishment nor do I set out to hurt others no matter what they throw my way. So long, its not really my loss.

  3. A very organized and through reading, as always. I am always sure I can depend on the accuracy of Your readings. Well, we were never together, 😃! Who said its love 😉? We never TALKED about anything. If they love me they should never have ASKED MY NEIGHBORS. Thank You for your compassion and time. ❤ and 🌞

  4. He was toxic; serving 17 years in prison. I’m sure he’s missing me-but I’m letting him go. I’m releasing him completely. Soul contract/karma contract ended. Ripped up and burned.
    I am open to someone new making me an offer.

  5. I love how you always say at the opening, “Hi Gemini” ♊️ your voice 😍. You’re on point too I’am apart from my love because he’s incarcerated and we are in 2 different states.

  6. Rings true. My love and I aren't separated but a few family members on his mother's side, including his mother, have been very rude and disrespectful towards me. It put a really rough patch in our relationship but slowly we've gotten past it and are trying to get pregnant!!! Our bond is simply unbreakable.


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