September 22, 2023
GENERAL Sara Suten Seti exposes self hating

20 thoughts on “GENERAL Sara Suten Seti exposes self hating

  1. Very good information, great flow, and strategic attack on another religious hinderance (in part). How is God so varying in these different religions? Afrika is the focus, identity and should be the same for all Racial Afrikans, regardless of their religious ideology. Your military effort to get the dudes on board is commended. Expose, Expose, Expose the artifical barriers, regardless of the good deeds of any of these sects, religions, etc. Knock the damn walls down. Peace from One Brotha Soljer  

  2. yo this dude is so loud but I fucks with him to the fullest. he is the reason I started studying and learning new shit. because of him I went from a level-4 to a level -6 thanks bro

  3. I don't see anyone saying that Seti manufactured the video showing the wicked Moors aiding in the genocide of Afurakans. Instead, they choose to attack the messenger. Thank you for this great info, my warrior brother. May the ancestors continue to guide you while you enlighten your people.

  4. All this idiot Seti is doing is further confusing people who don't know that America is Morocco/Al Moroc. We had a consular court in Morocco to settle legal issues under our treaty, but it was abolished in 1956 with the push for civil rights. This is because the Moor's government in this country is OCCUPIED by the US Corporation. This dummy can't explain this to you, he is just adding more MUD. Not clarifying anything with his ignorant sounding self.
    "A consular court is a tribunal convened by public officials who reside in a foreign country to protect the interests of their country for the settlement of civil cases based upon situations that happened in the foreign nation and which is held pursuant to authority granted by treaty.
    A consular court exercises criminal jurisdiction in some instances, but its determinations are reviewable by the courts of the home government. The last of the U.S. consular courts in Morocco was abolished in 1956."

  5. Moroccan people are not Moors but amazigh the real name for our people and friend please just stop you must first know why morocco is not a member of the african nation just look it up this is straight up bullshit propaganda

  6. see he make African people look like shit. eeeeevery body oppressed the African people. all he bring up is how Africans got their asses kicked. and the crazy shit about what he saying is. he getting information from the European writings. even if it was written by black folks. it's all regurgitated information from those before us. Africans didn't keep no records. who interpret the hieroglyphics on the walls of egypt? THE WHITE MAN.

  7. Man Oh Man , This dude Brother Seti aints 2B messed with. No joke!! Like magnet to steel his information is attracting & addicting. Have a brotha like Dang!! Where do we go from here?? The chambers of our mind has finally been released!! Its also frustrating to discover we have been hoodwinked & bamboozled by religion all along not really knowing the real scoop on things!! Quite similar to a drunk woman wakeing up with wet ass cheeks , sore legs & 50 soaked condoms on the floor!! They have date raped us to the extreme , pimping us with religion & having fun while getting rich and we ain't even knowing. Man I wish my big Homie Dr.Khalid was alive to see this brother speak & teach. I know my big Homie would be proud & amplified!! No more sleeping Giants!! We all must wake up and shake the dust off!! No longer shall we be tied , teased , taunted , and mentally bound captive by midjets!! Sincerely: ~{Black Superman}~

  8. Every so call black should hear this,because they are using the ppl of Israelite to help them to kill the white man and later kill us.wake the hell.up so call white and black man.they wants to own the world.

  9. Wow…whutta brain rush. Lets rewind this video again because heavily information is at hand. Critical Crucial Viable information is at hand. Betta try & research & eat while we can.

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