September 20, 2023
GENERAL Sara Suten Seti  KILLS a LEZ BO in Debate

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34 thoughts on “GENERAL Sara Suten Seti KILLS a LEZ BO in Debate

  1. no,,not fair at all… first look at the pic of the of this great  you must be white or something to say that.. we are at real war here our people are suffering from the hand of white supremacy every day.. I don't know any general that reveals his plans for the entire world to see like setti said…he tells you the truth about our situation .. you need to wake the fuck up,,,,

  2. Shes a lez bo because she knows how to use a firearm? I think he's full of shit. If that is an example of the black leaders in the" conscience community" we are doomed. In order to make a real move towards what we want a real leader already know that they will not make it back. If he was a real leader why didn't he attempt to talk to her off the show? Why did he have to call her names?  And why is this titled a debate there was no debate. She asked a question and he called her names. So he win?Calling everybody an agent doesn't make you right. 

  3. Fuck that Seti human,1 man.dis nigga aint David Copperfield n shit, this bitch talk shit like a man she can get it like a man,what would the rest of u niggaz do if a ratchet bitch challenge yo manhood?That BITCH dont even talk like a GODDESS so he treated her ass like a female DOGDESS.So STOP JUDGING,cuz in the end the brotha kicks nothin but KNOWLEDGE & TRUTH,if he dont..Proove it scientifically,historically(credited resource) & most of all archaeologically.Plus dat nigga from the D,and its REAL COLD OUT HERE,thats why that hot breath bitch,blowin frost vapors,instead of steam   

  4. This bitch is an agent trying to get the general to say something stupid ! What is her father doing ? What is her brothers doing? What is her son doing ? What is her man doing. What is she doing? Bitch talking about hiding behind trees and blowing up m80s. 😂.

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