September 27, 2023

28 thoughts on “GENERAL Sara Suten Seti OLMECS in AFRICA

  1. Olmec my ancestors weren't African we are indigenous Americans. Its sad that people like this disrespecting indigenous American people's. Plus selling there own people I.e Africans tours and what nots to make money smh

  2. Real mexica. How are your ancestors olmecs if you have an aztec name dummy. Black is a refrence brown is a refrence cause when it comes down to it we just a lighter shade of brown. Get out of your paradigm and shut up .

  3. out of Africa is debunked.
    Olmecs are not Africans Ethiopians are not Africans they are Asiatic.
    seti still doesn't talk about Melanesia and Australia because he's a whyte supremist.
    Remember Darwinism made up out of Africa.
    African Americans ain't Africans

  4. Mother fuckers are lost ask anyone of those so called olmec, mayan, aztec Mexicans where did there last name come from Gonzalez Hernandez, Suarez. LMATFO. The Answer Is Spain. Y'alls Last Name Is Not Indigenous. Y'all Last Names Is White European. Just Like My Last Name. SMH. Y'all got a lot to learn yet about your culture. Meanwhile The So Called True Mexicans Are The White European Mexicans That You See On Telemundo Lol. Y'all Mother Fuckers Is Crazy.

  5. dna does not support this theory. And that Olmec head was given to Ethiopia as a gift from Mexico. It's sad that black people have to steal other people's culture because they are embarrassed of theirs. I get it though, black people are treated like shit and have been treated like shit for centuries they're just trying to escape this persecution of hate towards them by saying " hey were not black, were native american" lol.

  6. There is no connection whatsoever between Africa and the Olmecs.  The Olmecs are a local civilization and the Olmec statues and Olmec statuettes reflect the local "American Indian" physique found in the local area as well as in Soteapan , Acayucan etc.  Trying to steal things from Mexicans is very risky.Besides this bro is the " see what I mean" type, barely literate. I don't think there are many idiots who want to risk thousands of dollars for this

  7. Afrocentrics claim they are the first Jews, Greeks, Egyptians, Olmecs… notice how it's only great power cultures that they want to steal, I've never heard of an Afrocentrics say that they re the first Eskimos. awe damn , sorry guys now they'll come after your culture too.

  8. Respect our culture.. u being washed homeboy… Olmecs are not black.. visit Mexico and see the Olmec people still practice their rituals and cultures.. they are brown.. this Olmec head was a gift from Mexico.. GTFOH…

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