September 22, 2023
GENERAL Sara Suten Seti on Egyptions science of AFRICAN zoo types

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24 thoughts on “GENERAL Sara Suten Seti on Egyptions science of AFRICAN zoo types

  1. Joseph aka Imhotep a Black Hebrew Israelite was the first foreigner stranger livening in Ancient Egypt Time did become the second in command of all ancient Egypt Times; during and after the first great famine of the world. This time Ancient Egypt History became the new world power of the whole earth.

  2. This guy speaks anger of the devil. God created all this all the animals plants and all elements of this earth. Whats next all races came from africa get outbof here with my that. All races come from God the creator of life and the after life the creator of love respect strength understanding loyalty faith. God is the leader of all answers to all humans questions not another human. Humans don't have all the answers.

  3. We have to stay focused on what God is tellingbus in are head. That good voice not another man's maf and evil voice of anger. We all have the ability to understand life and are purpose on the earth and what we have to do to make it to Gods promise land the after life after death. Dont be mad don't be angry don't be evil because frustration comes from others. Stay calm and watch how the world is going to attack those that are practicing to follow Gods way of teaching.

  4. There has to be an opposition to get to the truth. My question of opposition is. When Egypt was vibrant it was full of Forest and greenery. What is dessert now, wasn't back then. So when the things start to turn into dessert. Its natural all the animals migrated down, with the food source. Just an opposition question.

  5. it was CLEARLY WORSHIP if u don't see that then u are the 2/3 clearly dress up Like animals because u recognize thier purpose it's no different than 2day WORSHIP

  6. cognitive dissonance is the reason people complain about his language. The truth is hurting their understanding. So they need a reason to disrupt that flow of energy. They're only blocking their own enlightenment,& possibly those mentally weaker them. This is how slaves subconsciously choose bandage over true freedom.

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