September 22, 2023
General Sara Suten Seti & The Globe Earth DEBUNKED by Bro. Sanchez PT. 1

This video is deeper than debunking Seti…it’s about teaching you the REAL truth of & why it’s important also. Much respect to the General. I gots love for my brother but I have to correct him when he’s wrong especially when he is disrespectful!!!


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43 thoughts on “General Sara Suten Seti & The Globe Earth DEBUNKED by Bro. Sanchez PT. 1

  1. 1. You can not be a truth teller n believe in a ball earth.
    2. Muslims have no pictures of Allah cause Allah to Muslims is in the unseen.
    3. Alot of so called educated Muslims believe in ball earth but I talked to the old school Muslims who believe in flat earth.
    4. The Quran in various places hints on flat earth like calling it a carpet but the so called educated Muslims twist it saying it's globe yet the Quran keeps asking Muslims why they don't use their intellect to think .
    5. The Quran tells Muslims that the moon has it's own light but the so called educated Muslims because they are so in love with science they like twist words saying it gets it's light from the sun lol corrupted people.
    6. Hadith of Muslims keeps telling them that the greatest angels their heads r in the seventh heaven while their feet r firm in the earth, so that means the earth moves around with the angels while they carry the throne of Allah in circles.
    7. These same angels description says that the shoulders can can years for a fast horse to complete them but remember their feet r firm in a tiny earth. Indeed no one has completed this earth. Just the description of the angels shows that this earth can hold a creation of angels which are bigger that the size of the earth we r given.

  2. At least the Muslims Quran calls the earth a carpet but no where does it call it a globe not even in the hadith cause the prophet of the Muslims has never talked of a ball earth.
    The prophet of the Muslims said, at the end of time, Allah will clear or stretch the earth n make it flat to me meaning there will be no mountains cause they will be turned to dust etc nowhere to hide.
    3. In Quran Allah talks about when the trumpet will be blown and starts will come crushing down, now if stars r bigger than earth how cam they enter yet in Quran Allah has told the Muslims that stars r just decorations in the sky n moon n sun r lumps.
    4. Some Muslims like finding ways of making science prove their Quran yet the old school Muslims will tell you Quran does not need science. These so called educated Muslims r the ones who have gotten in the hole they were told they will follow them even in the hole of a rat.
    5. The Quran of the Muslims is telling them that Allah says He made the heavens strong now the so called educated Muslims believe we have rockets going thru. These people should be more flat earth than any other people lol

  3. A Roman priest came up with the round earth Theory before they even so-called went out to space. I know and realize the older I get everything they really was teaching us is a lie. Other than that big up your channel Love The Vibes

  4. I think they chemtrail so much partly ecauxe of the laser experiments.. they had a video out with people pointing lasers towards the sky and the beams didnt cross to make an X.

  5. Nut and Geb got nothing to do with a flat Earth. Its the symbolism of Male and Female principles married in nature. Geb is the mineral growth of the earth and Nut is the cosmic womb…

    This intelligence flip is false. Because Longitude and Latitudes of the spherical Earth actual works for hunders of years.

    Also GPS systems actually do work.

    This is just Flat Earth ilde entertainment. Thats all… have fun with your fantasy… lol

  6. What is Sara Suten Seti a General of ?? I don't like when a brother labels themselves as something they are not. Again what army does he have to be labeled a GENERAL?

  7. A circular earth doesnt create a half moon. The earth shadow doesnt show up on the moon unless its an eclipse. The normal phases of the moon are a result of the sunlight shining onto the moon from particular angles relative to the earth. (Where u are seeing the moon from) the dark part is simply the part that the light doesnt touch

  8. It’s not that he’s not smart enough, that part of his knowledge hasn’t been unlocked as of yet. mine been unlocked just recently and I swore up and down earth was round. So his time is coming just HELP HIM you don’t really gotta Bash him even though he bashed you. In this case you are his teacher. That comes with being a teacher. Teachers don’t make fun of students they get them to understand instead. Even though he’s teaching the western cosmology,you are inspiring degrading another Blackman 🤔 We all learn from each other and still ha e things to learn . Us man ain’t grown me. We are “GROWING MEN” read that again. However I love this video 80% the other 20% is cause of degrading.

  9. Because it has mountains it's not flat he sound stupid seti reaching he don't even believe the shit he saying he can't if so brother stick to what you know

  10. When I try to share this wit my ninjas 🥷 they look at me like I’m crazy. And this is ya elementary classes so to speak 😢 I’m tryn wake my bros up but…

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