September 22, 2023
General Sara Suten Seti & The Globe Earth DEBUNKED by Bro. Sanchez PT. 2

This video is deeper than debunking Seti…it’s about teaching you the REAL truth of & why it’s important also. Much respect to the General. I gots love for my brother but I have to correct him when he’s wrong especially when he is disrespectful!!!


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39 thoughts on “General Sara Suten Seti & The Globe Earth DEBUNKED by Bro. Sanchez PT. 2

  1. Bro Sanchez ain't playing man, he upped his game…. They can't touch you. My child will be able to understand what your saying while these global fools would be giving my child NASA pictures and bs science about gravity and the curvature. Lol

  2. Dam Seti suffers from cognitive dissonance. His even disabled his comments from a video claiming to debunk flat Earth 😂😂😂 His opening rebuttal started with claiming the mountains make the earth round. Dam Seti just stick with killing Hebrews isrealites😂 This is out of your league brother.

  3. Seti ofcourse is an agent..he only attacks black people with his black power. But now he supports the whiteman. I think flat earth truth was too quick for shills to counter. Now they all crumble under the raqiya.

  4. DUH Because a little cup of water is totally different than a vast ocean so of course you're not going to see the subtle differences of the gravitational pull of the Moon on water in a little cup of water as compared to the ocean. Are you for real??? OMG.

  5. u did it again my brother the new thing now and always was they can't handle the truth !!!! keep hitting home runs peace p s thanks 4 waking me up my eyes was open but they wasn't please understand love 4 all peace

  6. General specific specialized in history and he just be using new information to explain old examples because yalll both trying help the community,,,,. And that’s what matters appreciate you both for doing the footwork for us to pen point what to further the research on @broSanchez

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