September 22, 2023
General Sara Suten Seti the NEW Malcom X

30 thoughts on “General Sara Suten Seti the NEW Malcom X

  1. Hotep My Brother Sara Suten Seti I was born in Detroit, But at this time I'm in Boston I'm hoping to go back to Detroit by 2014 I know that Detroit like some parts of Africa is Financially being destroyed by white peoples not black people but I LOVE Detroit and Africa more I also spent some time in Seattle the City is beautiful for me it rains to much but I know our Black Africa Family is there I pray that God Amun will give us Guidance and Blessings
    Nubian Imhotep Africa
    Time 11:08AM

  2. ASE Tankhz for posting the video we did in Tacoma, we really put the mash down on Seattle when it came to the Series event. Thank you for your support on re posting this video that me the general and yg preach put together. IT'S BLACK POWER AND BPC NATION FOR LIFE, And stay on the lookout for the BPC squad from Seattle to be having more activity in the community we just geting started family.

  3. They get that from Lil Wayne saying he is the New Tupac. Malcolm X was a Muslim. Is Sara Suten Seti a Muslim?? But I'm not gonna hate. It's military strategy. Some black people still need a leader to look at.

  4. never trust a man who looks comfortable posing for a camera.
     Especially not this side of our current spiritual amergeddon, you can have fun later.

    when you find you new malcom, he wount be sure he wount be walking around posing for a camera!!!!  That is for circular illiterates.

    And don't be looking for any one brother, just like you don't wana sit on chair with ONE leg.

    Infact you all dom looking for a ONE guy, cause if they corrupt him, if not already, your movement is DEAD, now how many times have we seen that before.. suckers

  5. Many times when Malcolm X prefaced his speeches with the  words  ‘the honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us.’  Malcolm X was teaching Malcolm X lessons over and beyond anything the Honorable Elijah Muhammad ever thought about by John Henrik Clarke.

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