CW: Triggering Content (Protest Images, Police Brutality, Detainment)

“Inspired by 90s hip hop, “Revelación” features Santiago trading socially conscious verses with local rapper and percussionist ALGO. Herself of Puerto Rican descent, Santiago succinctly captures a slice of the inconsistencies and ruptures of being Latinx in the United States. That said, the song is a universal rallying cry for rising up against white supremacy no matter where one’s background falls.”
-Hassan Ghanny for Boston Compass Blog

Genie Santiago – “Revelación” ft ALGO
Produced and Engineered by Mertz
Video Directed, Produced, and Edited by Guadalupe Campos
Director of Photography Ned Gaynor


Chorus: 2x
Revelación Revelations
Revelación Revelations
Revelación Revelations
Revelations Revelations

Verse 1:
They label us seductress, temptress
Using our bodies over minds
Exploiting our lives
But really we’re revolutionaries
Our blood spilled on this earth
As sacrifice for missionaries
The peaceful Taíno a race colonized and raped
Mutated Indigenous, African, Spaniard hate
Little did they know created a master race
Filled with strength, spirit and grace
They wanna build a wall
Have us work this land
Clean their homes
Raise their kids while they dream and plan
But now we’re speaking in government office
We’re teachers, doctors, artists, mothers and fathers
In touch with our roots
Police don’t shoot
(Please don’t shoot)
We’re not the enemy exist thrive in harmony
Instead they want us down
But Gods and Goddxsess
They fear us
They hear us
We’re standing proud

Chorus: 2x

Verse 2:
Revelación con sentimiento
Porque lo siento….
Condenado en este momento,
No me arrepiento
Pongo a pensar en el pasado
Los movimientos que fueron raro
Nos enseñaron
A ser sirvientes
Todo es un secreto
Nada es claro
Y por supuesto quieren dejarnos como esclavos
Nunca despierto
Nos engañaron
Fueron los magos
Y sin encargos somos los dioses
Tamo en cargo

Nuestro futuro lo tenemo en mano
Somos divinos femeninas
No me importa lo que opinan
Traemos la disciplina
Viviendo en harmonía
Estrellas y las plantas naturalezas poesías
Fíjate el daño que hacen los policías
Políticos pastores robándonos to’ los días
Haciéndonos pensar que es favores bien sorprendida
Creemos en ladrones historia repetida

Chorus: 2x

Verse 3:
Third eye’s wide shut
Everything’s looking indigo
Text books lying
Where’s the story about them Indios?
Funny what’s been rewritten to benefit an agendas
Pretend-ta state the facts when you’re giving them lectures
Let’s enter
The truth in fact let’s bring it front and center
So there’s no second guessing
Next generation fend for
Becoming professors, astronauts, and even inventors
Generational wealth
Hand it down become investors
The truth we gotta protect it
We’re all effected
The shift is turning, man is sharper, next is coexistence
The kids are smarter
Teach them not to harbor fear and hate
How to meditate
Look within for answers, how to acclimate
Previously they tried to divide us and segregate
History is bound to repeat if we sit and wait
Classism is racism now, they manipulate
Through the image on TV
save the human race
(Save us)  

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