September 22, 2023
George Floyd and Black Lives Matter – A BBC My World special

The death of George Floyd in the US has led to some of the biggest protests against racial inequality in years, and many young …


11 thoughts on “George Floyd and Black Lives Matter – A BBC My World special

  1. I Love this ❤️,Mommy is very proud,I love that You're taking a stand for Justice,may you have continued Positivity through all life endeavors,thank you BBC for taking the time to interview my daughter,Zee we're very proud of our Girl's.

  2. Hello Maya, Thank you for your hard work, this is solid gold. I wanted to share with you and your readers a Book Called the Isis Paper, The Keys to the Colors, by Dr. Miriam Cress-Welsing a Black women who wrote her views of (and researched each topic) for her PHD on White Supremacy, ":Racism. She is a genius by right her area of Psychology in so indepth that it will spark talks about the validity of her research in (Psycho-Genetics"). This book was written and published in 1979, this book was found with a lot of direct phrases that brought me to Dr. Cress-Welsing, book. I am honor to Re-introduce her finding in honor of George Floyd. it gave me some detail insight into White Supremacy, Racism. I pray all of my brothers and sisters find the answers to questions about this terrible Murder by an American Police officer.

  3. Another great black scholar who studied this topic was produced in 1959, four years before my birth. I was born her in 1963. I had no knowledge of anything that had happened in 1959. Dr. Oliver C. Cox, 1959 award winning text called; Caste, Class, & Race. Doctor M Cress-Welsing referred to his comments in White Supremacy, Racism stating that the phenomena of "White Supremacy, Racism" still "Prevailed in 1979; when her book was being published. Maya I would love your approval of posting more facts about White Supremacy, "Racism." That I myself collected throughout my lifetime. If this is ok with you and in order to give deeper insight in to this phenomena, called White Supremacy, racism. I will proceed to post some of my insight to those of us who have experienced White Supremacy, Racism.

  4. The Chapters of her book: The Keys to the Colors," may better explain, her insight and research, and why it was important for her to learn the truth behind the abuse those of color have endured silently.

  5. Serious we as humans are just dividing more and more day by day. From white to black to brown. Stop grouping everything. Its so much more then just color we divide on. How can we love each other when so apart ?

  6. Congress in the United States, during the days of heated protests in the United States, planned to introduce legislation to pay one million dollars to every African American, for all years of oppression. But since protests in the United States died down, this law was not passed ..

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