September 22, 2023
George Padmore Research Library on African Affairs - Ghana May 2021 Repatriation & Investment Tour

5 thoughts on “George Padmore Research Library on African Affairs – Ghana May 2021 Repatriation & Investment Tour

  1. #Africafortheafricans
    #MiawoEzor (Welcome in EWE)
    I Salute you my dear brother Bomani; for you are a true Son of Africa Born In America… #SOABIA I salute you once again. #Africafortheafricans …May I urge you to visit the Ministry of Defence to see the Founding Father, who took over that Ministry from the British Governor-general Sir Arden Clarke? In fact it was a ****** and Dzedzeti (tough) Pan African/Freedom Fighter who was also a section leader and #Boycott-Fiavi-nutsu (Ewe language) 'Prince of anti-colonial boycotts' member of Nkrumah's vigilant grass roots organization called the #VerandaBoys whom he chose, to unseat the Colonial Master in charge of Ghana's Intelligence/Defence systems.
    Let me humbly introduce you to my Late noble Papa; but you will have to visit the Ministry to meet him…
    He also wrote I believe the first book about the Nkrumah government, and steady-marched readers, into the visionary psychology of Nkrumah. The book was published in Conakry Guinea and is presently authorized back in print by our family) and study-marched readers into Nkrumah's visionary psychology.
    There's a copy of his book, (POLITICAL THOUGHT OF DR. KWAME NKRUMAH) at the Dubois Center and also at the George Padmore Research Library.  
    Shame, how this Library is exactly as Nkrumah left it…Eeeeeeeiiii, this shows that all leaders after him have never cared about the longterm well being of all Afrikans worldwide…#NeoColonialistPuppets smh!
    I must also correct the Senior Library Officer about J.J. Rawlings. He had no choice but to honour the Noble George Padmore because of the intellectual Nkrumahists, who influenced certain vital portions of his policies, which directly affected Nkrumah's legacy …The same group of Nkrumahists, also breathlessly urged him to build the Mausoleum as a condition, to serve in his government.
    However, there's never been a single Pan Afrikan president in Ghana's history since Nkrumah; and that's why he remains the #1andonlyosagyefo (visit my instagram page please), and support this matchless #SonOfTheSoil in whose administration my late Papa served as Minister Plenipotentiary Extraordinaire, wielding the prestigious portfolio of; First Minister of Defence, Special Advisor to Osagyefo, Head of Intelligence, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and later commissioned as Resident Minister in Guinea to oversee the organizing and instituting of all affairs pertaining to the UNION OF AFRIKAN STATES (UAS).

    #IteethedOnPanAfrikanistAkponor and #ToddledAroundNkrumahists&Garveyists
    #IamMyFathersDaughter #PanAfrikaOnTheRise

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