August 14, 2022

40 thoughts on “Germany to return Benin Bronzes to Nigeria: A new era for stolen artifacts? | DW News

  1. They should return all to the fullest it has been a long time since the western world has been stolen from Africa thinking that Africa people are not intellectually responsible

  2. The 'bronzes' in the British Museum were manufactured using European brass at a time when Nigeria was trading with Europe. The west African kingdoms sold the slaves to the Portuguese who paid the Africans in European brass bracelets which was the currency of the time. The bracelets were smelted down by the Nigerians and they formed them into the famous statues. The statues are therefore, a product of the wealth of African slave traders. So why is this being celebrated and why is Nigeria benefiting from their ancestor's slave wealth?

  3. Die Vorstellung, dass Kunstwerke eigentlich dem Volk gehören, das sie geschaffen hat, ist unsinnig. Man stelle sich nur mal vor, man würde Völkern einen historischen Anspruch auf irgendwelche Kulturgüter zumessen. Dann müsste man den Alexandersarkophag der Hellenischen Republik als Repräsentant der Hellenen übergeben, ebenso wie die Pferde von San Marco, die Elgin Marbles, die Statue des Asklepios in Empúries oder die Tetrarchengruppe. Letztere könnte auch den Kopten gehören. Die Reichskrone in der Hofburg würde dem Deutschen Volk gleichermaßen gehören wie dem Österreichischen und auch das Luxemburger Staatsvolk und das Schweizervolk hätten ebenfalls einen gewissen Anspruch darauf. Bei Dingen wie dem Schatz des Priamos könnte man das Ganze noch viel, viel weiter ins Absurde spannen. Aus diesem Grund kann es keinen anderen Rahmen geben als den rechtlichen. Und rechtlich ist die Sache ja ganz klar. Diese Objekte gehören Deutschland und dem Deutschen Volk. Nigeria kann gerne Kopien der Bronzen kaufen, die Originale sollten jedoch in Deutschland verbleiben.

    Es ist außerdem schon außerordentlich belustigend, dass hier Länder und Nationen Kulturgüter fordern, die sie für ihre eigenen halten, um sie zur Erzeugung einer nationalen Identität in die Museen ihrer Länder zu stellen. Museen und Länder die nur aufgrund von Europa und der europäischen Museumskultur existieren. An Lächerlichkeit ist das kaum noch zu überbieten.

  4. This behavior by Europeans proves that we are not the same species. No species would steal personal artifacts from itself, Afrikans never stole artifacts from other Afrikans.

  5. How about returning some of them. You know so that people from all over the world can enjoy them. Also the people of today living in Nigeria have nothing to do with the culture that created these bronzes. Also, if there's a coup d'etat, which isn't to unlikely.. after all, we are talking Africa here. These will probably be looted once again and then sold to private collectors across the world by the corrupt warlords/generals or whoever that seized the power in the country, and thus being lost forever! Great! Can European countries please grow some balls and spines again?? And stop being soyboy pushovers.

  6. Bravo Germany! I believe all countries should return artifacts to their places of origin. The artifacts would be a valuable for these countries to develop tourism.

  7. African civilizations that were looted of artifacts are very important to the history and story of these cultures. For the most part these African civilizations didn't have written languages so art and artifacts was how they told the history of their culture.

  8. A time is coming when the Queen's crown will be looted 😂😂😂😂😂😂 when that time comes British will then understand what it is to loot people's cultural heritage.

  9. Historical artefacts are so important to the future of countries. The knowledge of these artefacts can act as a foundation for new ideas to be based off.

  10. I applaud the Germans, however, I am baffled that we are even having this conversation. The art pieces were stolen and that is established why are the brits hiding behind some shameful laws to retain looted goods. How we (Africans) are going to care about our stolen objects is no one business.
    Africans do not tell the Europeans how to care about their art pieces. Just return the looted objects, we do not need a stamp of approval from the Europeans to know the cultural value of our arts….Just do the honorable thing, stop lecturing us and return the looted goods

  11. It was only a matter of time. As africa regains her power, more of this kind of thing will happen. Every thing, whether in private or public hands, must be returned. They must also pay rent and damages (reparations) for the time they've had them as well as apologize…

  12. It was only a matter of time. As africa regains her power, more of this kind of thing will happen. Every thing, whether in private or public hands, must be returned. They must also pay rent and damages (reparations) for the time they've had them as well as apologize…

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