September 28, 2021

34 thoughts on “Getting Sick In The Gambia Ain't No Joke

  1. Hello I have been looking at your Video from the start,,I want to ask u if I wanted to build a home 🏑 there where the roads are done finished? ,now I looks at many Video all over Africa they all mostly have Dirt roads,, And when it rains is messy all over the place,, You can have a nice house there but outside your house the road is messy,, And I see They have property for sale in areas but in the areas were the properties for sale the robes are not done,,, As much as I want to move there,, I'm Hesitant About moving there because of the roads,,, I don't expect for it to be easy for me if I should move there

  2. Stick to oonu bush teas yes. And aloe regularly too.
    Glad you're feeling UP again. Tek oonu time til you're both 100%

  3. I’ve been using black seed oil from January and it works for me so I advice you both to start consuming it too preferably on a daily basis but on a empty stomach and trust me you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Peace and blessings upon Queen Jodi and king AP may Jah continue to bless you both..keep using the herbs from the land
    Drink some add lemon juice in your water ..feel better children of Jah…

  5. Glad to see you guys back on the road to recovery from the Flu..
    I do hope you are documenting the herbs and natural meds that are helping you guys, this would be good for you guys for future self care and sustainable health care and recommendations to your subscriber ship .this should propel you to get your herb garden , organic planting off the ground ASAP. β€œYou’te young gifted & Black”

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