May 22, 2022

44 thoughts on “Ghana's President Shocks UN by Reversing the World's Dead Africans COVID Prediction on Them

  1. 5:546:16 reveals the REAL agenda behind his speech. The Great Reset, and for other countries' funds to be redirected to Africa. Well, i'd have no issue with us giving them assistance if their government wasn't so IMMENSELY corrupt and siphoning off all the money to themselves and their mates.

  2. Mr president.. the youth of Ghana and Africa would support you in every good decision you take. The western world have no respect for us as Africans, it's time we put stop making them feel heroes when they destroyed us. Pls we need to let the pan African spirit in us come out, the western people should stop murdering the blacks tho they are not within the continent

  3. A lot of trump worshippers here I see… suck it up racist …quit cryingโ€ฆ that loser lost to a old frail man.. He's the only president that other countries marched against and made fun Baby is his name..LYING AND CRYING IS HIS GAME..๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™ƒ

  4. God is always blessing Ghana with intelligent,smart, eloquent and sincere presidents. Tell me which Nigerian president can speak like this since independence in 1960? Only sir ahmadu bello. Offcourse we all know what happened to him. SMH

  5. Do these people to whom you speak really care about Africa? Is your speech different from that of the African founding fathers of African unity and liberation? It sounds like the same speach sixty years ago but it is only an idea just like it was back then. The only constance then and today is that nothing changed for Africans and nothing seems to be changing. The whole world order is designed to keep Aftica under the water, how do we think the same people who over the decades have sort to drown us will suddenly be our saviours?

  6. Africa needs to stop taking handouts from Europe, America, England & China. Africa needs to use their gold and minerals to fix Africa and open the boarders within Africa and trade inhouse ! Africa has been receiving money now from the enemy now for years and doing what with it ? How does this repeated behaviour make sense with no change ? ๐Ÿค”

  7. That's what I was saying the other day to my mum.

    So they donated vaccined, yet people vaccinated with that vaccine are not able to go to their country, cause their vaccine is not recognised.

    So is either you sent a fake vaccine, or you just a joker.

    Go Ghana thumbs up

  8. This corrupt old fool and a tribal bigot who is poised on destroying this beautiful Ghana. I wonder if you people really are some of his boot-lickers who go on praising this bigot. Now his vigilantes are dressed in military uniform and killing innocent Ghanaians. He should continue looting the nation's money, his time will surely come.

  9. When an African president goes to a global summit and is not dressed in his rich, regal, dignified, national attire…? Africa, let's start from the basics!!

  10. I knew Africa would do well.. if you look at the actual statistics.. reason why africa did well is = 1. Young demographic. 2. Skinny and not fat lards like in western countires.
    Thats about it. And clearly therapeutics played a huge roll.

  11. Remember this always. They will never like him at all for speaking the truth in front of everyone. You'll hear soon they will manage to bring every propaganda in Ghana just to make sure he won't speak up again. But the worst pain is our own African people they will sell him out.

  12. isn't it hard to start a business in Africa last I checked? it involves tons of regulations and paperwork or cash and bribes. but if your gates and the boys you can go right on in take over shit no problem. Africa's problem isn't money or "colonizers" it's corruption.

  13. This is long winded and essay ,whew , but I feel it NEEDS to be seen , and knows , as I am not alone in this knowledge or observation, but I am alone ,with little to lose now , and so gladly risk it to attempt to let the whole world observe my observations.I believe truth to be veiled,hidden,delayed, or skewed ,just enough to default to fear force and threat measures , for full control , and complacence. This is not pointing blame , this is exposing the real enemy , and offering solutions ,as a final gasp attempt to enlighten us , and free us ! Therefore …….

  14. This was just awesome ,and I liked it ! Until",sadly , I then got suspicious , soon as I heard "build back better" I believe that whoever is pulling the strings is "hidden",so we will 'think' America is still in charge Its our own weakness to fear an the unknown assumption inside us ,unsolved,that is our REAL ENEMY , Theirs too! As this is the "agenda" speaking through Mr Akufo-Addo. Not even" America "is in charge . Though Mr Biden did mention that phrase "build back better",and that is nice intention ,. but I see lady Liberty in far deeper trouble. I do not believe Mr Biden , nor the Democrats ,Republicans ,Liberals as a whole, to be in charge at all ! Rather 'forced' or 'leveraged' to repeating historic mistakes!"set up to fall" and we western and commonwealth allies were trained,led to believe, and(manipulated), to believe we would always(sin) or fail ,and would forever be sinning,and so needed to be bailed out by God and Jesus? Or at least bind to a blind faith ,with dressings of hypocrisy,and using unclear understandings parables,and a few"real bad actors" (lol bad cliche too!) Have also been manipulated to fear,unity ,and inclusion of other religions,and cultures who have earned instead perfect mistrust, and Deceit,in order that fear,threat and force measures could then pushed forever to achieve 'induced 'trust',instead! Which is really fear based compliance,when given no facts. Thus honesty ,and courage to trust ,and telling the been demonized now .If we look at religions as "carriers" of divine principles only,not instructions to policing ,or trying to 'sell' God! FEAR and the Unknown assumption is our REAL weakness , and enemy ! We were brilliantly manipulated,and our failure to see it,may be fatal now. So killing in God's name was fatal,and so was foot washing ,divine teachings ,healings ,backing falsely accused , and bringing peace with blood on it, in God's name . Therefore 'conditional" Love ,and anything fear, threat , and force based , is something I'll choose to believe when God lets me know I'm wrong ! Therefore , punishing our truths instead of dealing with problems honestly ,and best way for all,will only bring lies. Failure to be honest,and fear,force, and threat running the show , are not mankinds best option , though history , might tell us otherwise.Alas we have no time now ,we must be honest , and respectful now to get to a truer trust,and that's what EVERY perceived institution,was built on post WW2. TRUST, cause it was far better than dying in trenches.Sadly we may have to die in trenches again maybe, to courage again to team up in a true , honest trust !As true leaders , are not rulers, but leaders. Good leaders know Democracy is led properly from the bottom up , not the top down! All individuals NEED included , and with full say! Nothing at all to do with money. And after years of dying ,nations might have the courage to tell the truth for TRUE TRUST ,and agin make such amazing system as America's Constitution ! "WHEN Constitutional rules , and when the rules for running a society proper , are followed,its Happy living!! Democracy miraculously came out on top. ALAS IT DEMANDS honest , truth , and transparency , as does and institution, and laws , So as soon as lies , and fear of the unknown were preached, including God as the unknown , needing to be "feared" not so much respected,made little sense. We were deemed unable to resist sins , and I believe thats BS .I'll ask God myself , and he can let me know ok ? For I believe we can rehab, reform, love ,stay clear of (sins) ourselves and easily follow most good principles in most religions,without fear threat or force. No problem ! With only 1 trustable person in our life even, It is easier for sure, but I myself never wanted to rely on that , and rather chose to Follow Priciples, not the religions,or the people , that carry them as much .no mistake that we are with New and Old testaments,which clash and a lifetime of bible study will not help us to God any better than being honest with each other about absolutely everything ,and forgive , at any cost ,this earns is trust,back without needing surveillance ,or social credit score ,or Vaxx/antivaxx ,drugs , alcohol, doubt any discrimination,or difference , can now be played, any fear will do ,and doubt can be made a threat without facts,or fear of death to bring the society to 'trust' , lol , as China does foolishly right now ,copying us but trying to make it look different . Theres a reason half the world emigrated to our countries,in order to be free. Peace is 100% ,and it starts with Equal treatment , and NOT war !(sorry history),Preparing for war , to get peace is using fear,threat , and force ,perpetually , to get things done,has only just delayed this truth till now.Reagan and Gorbechev showed us this when they had the foresight to De- Nuclearize ,as soon as that temporary stop gap was used byPres Reagan ,for pres Kruschev's threat,to buy temporary peace. We subtly,unknowingly, transferred back to trust,in order for the systems to work , Neglecting to share this fact ,declaring that war was the best option,to achieve peace ! and we all know , that when LEADER , or reporter , gets shot ,and truth gets buried,it spells trouble ! Yet with honesty , trust , and not punishing truth too hard , in order to not get lies,fix mistakes , and honestly not repeat them ,and basically following religions principles ,the unconditional kind. THAT IS where we have to go to restore our lost TRUST. Otherwise we will indeed be buying back trust again with fear , threat , and force , just like China! News flash , they are NOT the enemy , nor is Russia . Our enemy is simply fear , and the unfounded assumption , that we keep settling for ! Fear to be truthful ,trusting , and to try something better than solving problems with problems ,and sweeping important issues under the rug , brings us here . My love is for all humans , not their behaviours , mistakes , or Institutional systems or any system with fear,force , or threat at the helm. Rather the half we never see , the Courageous,honest,trusting,unconditional,devoted,selfless,creative,loving , and who knows what else side of all of us , that's hidden there inside everyone , like it or not my empathy will spot your strengths , and encourage , not manipulate them. I know honesty=truth=trust. I have faith ,yet denomination is completely irrelevant . Thankfulness,appreciation, trust in each other at any cost,to pursuit of facts ,or patience till truth is visible ,is what is relevant ! Indeed , at ANY cost . Money cannot buy them .I feel it wise either way , to attempt saving us ourselves, and not leave it up to our Gods.We can stop war ,and there are wizards of peace now , out there in the world ,who see alternative to war , thanks to their entitled lives ,which contained just enough suffering to realize what they have , and NOT choose the suicide machine they were presented with .We must think as a species for once. No fear !Facts!

  15. Sounds nice to the ears but the facts are he follows orders! If any president goes against his masters in the western world he will disappear

  16. Salut and great respect to this president,really and verily I say Africa is truly beyond the so call western aids we need to develop ourselves long live๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿฟto our mother Africa,Peace and slalom rain on Africa

  17. And help the diaspora get back home away from the so-called God want to be gods by not requiring us to be vaccinated instead yes we should be tested for man made disease yeah he'd be a fool to allow any race in that could potentially have covert, but we trapped over here because they think that they own a man over here we don't really have ur own say about the matter they created for us they use word play but if we could come together on this issue for once in this captivity, because that's what it is captivity even today, yes we have freedoms but not like the white if we weren't that important we would probably be free to go wherever but what they would rather do is kil us off as they are trying to do and our Moore co- conspirators
    Who works with to keep us here but this shit gone have to change.
    You may have owned the first ones but not this generation we ain't having it yeah ok……..we will see

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