January 28, 2023

47 thoughts on “Ghana's President Warns Africans Not to Fall for the Lie of a Better Life in Europe

  1. Red dragon exodus in the bible. Mentioned Africa by hand of God puts chains and ores and fishhooks and slave ships and deliver you to Abraham where you will be judged and your names removed from the book of life and cast into bottomless pit. Ishmael Ham gave Noah's cloak to satan thousands of year's ago. God fought Africa last time and this time coming to destroy Babylon be no MORE

  2. The president is right. Africa is largely kept poor by Europe and other investors. There's relatively little serious investment in education and health. Let's remember that climate heating and chaos is likely the biggest investment made by Europe in African countries, which continues to this day. Let's remember the City of London's and Wall Street's Financial structures that keep Africa a poor continent financially speaking. Let's remember the corruption of African elites who send their children to American and European universities, and to be schooled by nannies in Geneva, Switzerland. Let's remember the criminally and artificially created 'debt' burden created by those centres in the global north, and the military and supply of arms that keep African peoples in check. Looks like African's will have to do it for themselves, and through people like the President of Ghana there is a pathway to the future.

  3. Growing up here in Canada I been taught by media and educational system that USA is the best place in the world, Europe is also great while Africa is worse place on this planet. When I visited United States in my 20s in NY city it was worse place I been to in Brooklyn ghetto while in Africa in Ghana was most happiest thing moment in my life.

  4. I pray to witness African unity before I die. What is the OAU The Organisation of African Unity was an intergovernmental organization established on 25 May 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with 32 signatory governments. Pan African unity was created by Haile Selassie in Ethiopia 🇪🇹

  5. Surprise I Will be if just 2 country does wat this PM said to invest in ghana no 1 wants to know a country like ghana or mexico or Libya or etc countries also like Myanmar.korieans Vietnam . countries that's always has and have been or still is without human rights. 😭👀 No point thinking 👉 💰💰💰go bk to 👉😴 or ⚰️

  6. He speaks the facts listen Africans! Their is no better life an any white country or the United states period look at how they treat black people in these places. AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE STILL FIGHTING FOR THEIR RIGHTS. THEY PUT THEIR OWN FIRST PLEASE DO THE SAME, these people do not like how this black strong man do not want their handouts and he is right taking anything from them comes with a huge cost. Smh

  7. That is the true life is better where you are whatever you make of it . Must learn to work together in Cultivating the land and help one another build homes for one another and harvest herbs and raise livestock . What do that mean those who rich become investors in your future of your people work with those who lack none but have lands to grow great harvests and band together build homes to bring your people out the reins .

  8. Go Africa I want us to completely have own land, time is now is to move all our blood back to the land. We are scattered all over the Earth with enough talent and ideals . It's 2021 we will always be unappreciated, exploited, neither countries where we are truely still prisoners of war, have any true good intentions for our people. Africa's of all the nations reunite……..we each other once again or for the first time…we are the original…..the world's mother's and father's of all the color spectrums of this Earth. Waiting for it to happened is to long and not enough time this world doesn't have our best interest in mind. We are a mighty people when finally united..why would the whole Earth, near every country have a piece African blood there. We have to have unity. That will never be broken again. Peace ✌my brothers and sisters each on teach one.

  9. He’s right… however the African government are too wicked and refused to help the youths.. They speak of all these great fortunes within their lands but have not help those in needs..

  10. UK paid 5million £££ to France so they can keep you from coming. Instead of investing on a future plan solution with the money. They are gonna build more detention camps and build up stronger security forces to protect their shores.Spain built a triple layer wall with barbed wire and high voltage powered fences. They spent 3 billion on the long run wall instead of putting that money for good cause if they really wanted to keep you home. You are coming to be butchered.

  11. Boycott, all the French, British, Irish European countries, China, from African Land, soil. Claim back your land's, control your wealth. Employ your own people, send all children to schools, free of charge. Remove those countries, from your land. Put your people, first in the mansion, hotels, and train them to build roads, traffic lights and bridges. Every worker , involved in improving your country. Provide them all with car's, if Africa remove all the foreign country, from their land, you will achieve their wealth. Take back your land , homes and grow vegetables, fruit, food. Employ cleaner's, to clean up the market, fix up the market and store. Install clean running water, fountain. Design area, for your goat, to breed, with clean sanitation. Train your young men , and women to be police officers, and soldier's to protect Africans. Fight for your land, anyone on your land, that's not African born. Except for the offspring, of the slavery slave trade should be allowed to resign on Africa soil. Give the foreign country, that's not got African birth certificate, there Marshing , orders 1 week, to leave Africa. If they don't use force for them to be removed. Surveillance, on the water front, ensuring the foreign country, are not attempting to sneak back on Africa land, to steal your women and wealth. Defend, fight for your country. African doesn't need to report to any other countries, what weapons, they have.

    You don't see England, American, Russia, informing Africa, hey , just wanna inform Africa we British, have in our possession, these weapons, of destruction.

    Africa don't need to inform the weapons, their country have to defend there Africa, womens, children, and land.

  12. This is all good rhetoric but will not work unless safe guards are taken to keep in particular the Chinese out of African affairs to include mining and agriculture and energy . However the Chinese are very well placed through Africa via a nexus of corrupt states ran by corrupt politicians. It will be interesting to see to what extent Ghana can stop the Chinese dispossessing it of its natural resources in exchange for the fiat currency it has accumulated by renting its labour force for pennies to western corporations

  13. It's not hard to imagine that those fleeing the country thought it to be burdensome to the welfare of their families… Beautiful African is wild and uncouth you can't deny that! but what they are run from it would be in another form in another place, because Europe is know/NO different. Mr. African president the people want peace, food, shelter and protection with integrity. We've had Repat who've show us the living conditions in Africa. The poverty level's are horrible to boost even of the 30% 50% the continent has; even that is being raped off by the foreigners. Most leadership in every country turn burden into oppression. Over a million African's sold, stole out of the country, 400 years and counting, thousands of Africans have been killed on the continent for organ's harvesting, and petty squabbling, thousands more for sexual pleasure of foreign men and the magnificent wonder of the sea has claim hundreds of thousands and you dont know why????? Education and Right leadership has always been the escape issue… When a human being is treated well, there's NO desire to flee from the place of their abode.

  14. I agree with him. Africa also needs to sell Africa more to its people. This is what Europe does, even though they know their promises are lies. You only need to witness how Africans are treated abroad.

  15. What are they supposed to do? Stay in Ghana and allow the elite to live off the country's economy and not give anything back to the poor and destitute communities of the nation?
    Why would anybody stay, when they have opportunities in abundance, in Europe? Makes no sense.

  16. Please listen to this great bloke- they hate u and only want to steal the wealth u have for mere paper. It’s unbacked u gold/platinum etc and is essentially bluster, better by worth nothing. Listen dearest Ghana- and have no truck with anything the psychos of the world promise. Unlike the Brits- they want to keep all their satellites until their assets have been stripped. They are wicked beyond the power of words to describe as even my countrymen and women are unaware of, such are the snakes who want to enslave all. You have a great chance of avoiding the punishment because you are obedient to God not tradition which is the beast( in many learned opinions) which tells mankind that Christ is there only so they get a power trip out of lying to u about how important their law is. It’s chimera and smoke and mirrors. 227 trillion in debt to psycho debt bankers and only 4.7 trillions to pay it back with Rather than your citizens coming to the west i would love to know that i could seek refuge in Ghana! Bless u all and don’t listen to covid lunatics either-other viruses still kill more and the whole thing is a charade cooked up in the West- which paid a lab in China( no one dare say boo to them!) to release thus deadly load of lies. See u above one day my Ghanaian friends. Listen to your leader cos he is correct- there’s nothing but death camps planned for most over here. 🎸🙏

  17. This is a speech of a like of knowledge. The black nations become fouls by in the aprocrapha ecclesiasticus 12vs10. That's what Hod say black people God knows what made take is advice.

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