September 22, 2023

In order to combat the rising inequality in many parts of the globe, the International Labour Organization will be bringing together a Global Coalition for Social Justice in 2023, writes Director General Gilbert F. Houngbo.
Coming out of the recent World Economic Forum at Davos, I reflected on what the current state of affairs means for the world of work and the Sustainable Development Goals.
The WEF rightly observed that we are at an inflection point. The world is facing several overlapping global crises – conflict, a global economic downturn, and the devastating effects of change among others. We had hopes, coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, that we could build forward better, that we could focus on change action and on rescuing the Sustainable Development Goals, as called for by the UN Secretary-General. But these hopes have been upended by a fresh crisis in food and energy, caused by the of the war in Ukraine.
In the world of work, our recent…

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