September 27, 2023
GodKiller Ankh building with the people in Atlanta Sara Suten Seti stops by

This is footage of the event held at The Lion Of Judah Center in . Don’t forget to look into purchasing your tickets for the …


8 thoughts on “GodKiller Ankh building with the people in Atlanta Sara Suten Seti stops by

  1. Never base your truth or your beliefs on what somebody else says they have experienced. People sometimes make shit up because they just want to believe that people will think they have some special connection to some higher knowledge or powers.

  2. Am African from Angola…this Brother study as a Whiteman…Science , he believes what he See and what he can Touch …this Afro-American Brother Are just Blacks in Skin But …Spiritual Are Not …we African Had and have Spirituals Forces….our Ancesters hs what the Whiteman took for 400 BC in Kemet …that "think" is and still in Whiteman Till today ,…the Whiteman Time is Running ….but this Afro-Americans brothers , most of them doesn,t have it no more… ..Spirit of ancesters….

  3. I make the argument that science & what we consider unexplained mystical are just technologies we don't understand i know for a fact they have voice to head technology now where ppl can send low frequency messages directly to your head & hypnotize ppl in them messages then as far as cancer goes ur blood sugar & pressure & cholesterol medicine is cancer prevention I don't wanna hear about any ignorant black ppl who had ridiculous high blood pressure dieing from some type cancer caused by high blood pressure cause they didn't go to the doctor or refused to take their pills keep in mind if ur gonna be unhealthy fat like this lady & u don't have any plans on loosing weight stop smoking drinking shooting dope and u not on no medication if u die from various cancers that's on you u can either take the medicine or exercise eat 100% more healthy or odds are that high blood sugar is gonna turn into organ failure and overtime that pancreas is going turn into mush and transform into cancer I think the only type organ failure u can live on for decades on dialysis for a extended period of time 20 years is kidney failure and maybe liver I'm not sure but everything else your days are numbered and Don't be old on dialysis with kidney failure and other healthy organs cause they just gonna keep u on dialysis cause if u 70 they figure the dialysis is keeping you alive and u just gonna waste a new kidney and relapse and go back to eating salty foods and high cholesterol

  4. The Black King is talking to a Black Queen who is more in tune to the universe than HE shall ever be; I believe HE should listen more to HER view point. Mathematics and Science has only a small scope versus the Metaphysical; and it is apparent that SHE produces more melanin than HE. So, HER dream state is far greater. Even the physicist knows the power of black radiance..

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