March 29, 2023
Goodbye Global Warming - Maxwell Chikumbutso New Green Energy - Saith Power - Greener Power Machine

37 thoughts on “Goodbye Global Warming – Maxwell Chikumbutso New Green Energy – Saith Power – Greener Power Machine

  1. This is really incredible… I am speechless…
    I am going to pray everyday from today that everyone in the world will see this technology soon.
    Thank you so much, Mr. Maxwell.
    from Japan.

  2. First time i heared about this revolutionary invention was more than a year ago. I don't understand why this technology is not everywhere. The greatest benefit of this device is Freedom because this is a source of decentralized power.

  3. Eu não estou convencido que isso seja real. Falta muitas comprovações, nos vídeos que eu assisti não fica claro sua comprovação de que realmente funcione! Tenho muitas dúvidas ainda a respeito!

  4. If that is true, this man is practically dead already, the cabal would never allow him to give this knowledge out to the world. Or patents will be sold and disappear…But i hope that God will protect him.

  5. Existing laws ??? By whom? The corrupt systems? He told you that it is a new law of math and physics But that doesn't not sit well with the corrupt oligarchs. So here it is people NEW FREE ENERGY that exist always in creation and you can use it. WHKE UP its time And God Bless this man. And from the ignorance of the primitive minds this Technology will still not be possible.

  6. This should be shared to as many individual off grid freedom fighters as possible, so it does not get stopped or suppressed in any way or at any time! And, Mr. Maxwell, please take care of yourself, as there are many of the rich manipulators of this world that want us not to know and use the natural and free sources of energy….

  7. … I think it would be an “awesome collaboration” if Mr Moses West could/WOULD- collaborate with Mr Maxwell Chikunbutso of South Africa (Zimbabwe!)… two “brilliant-💡- black- master minds” working together in their for the “benefit” of humanity… hats off- to Mr Chikunbutso and Mr West- May their “good works” be rewarded with “good health”- longevity- prosperity and familiarity amongst the masses…

  8. This is amazing! I wish it wouldn’t be suppressed. F climate change, it’s all a facade being used for control. Our earth once upon a time had no glaciers and was a tropical paradise which things were just fine. Why worry about the melting ice, humans are resilient and will always find a way or will move to a new location(lots of under water cities already being found so who cares) The earth has its own way on balancing itself, things will be fine.

  9. The satanic group will try to silence all the good discoveries! Congrats to the inventor, I wish him all the best , I think you are a genius! God bliss you ! 💜

  10. … sadly he recently experienced poisoning attack… does anyone know- did he survive?… how is he doing?… any idea where/how we can get the latest on his health and his works?… his supporters- like me would love to know-thanks!…

  11. Ohhh may you be heavenly protected and live a long life for humanity. Thank you for listening to your God source and creator, love is his name and He loves us all. Prayers are going up for you my brother.❤

  12. Why the hell there is always a ytee face profiting from African sources, see we as black people invent to think about the world and helping people, when the ytees come in, it's profit profit profit,geez why couldn't he be taken up by a African billionaire, what's going on in our people colonized minds?

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