September 22, 2023
Gov't harassment Compilation T.I chronicles #stassi #cia #fbi #cointelpro #nypd #gangstalking

United States Title code 18 .; Section 241 conspiracy against rights.

When 2 or more people network together to harass,hinder,obstruct or deny any right to any United States Citizen Under the U.S constitution.

That means you have the right to ride public transportation..walk with or without family or friends without no one following behind you.



20 thoughts on “Gov't harassment Compilation T.I chronicles #stassi #cia #fbi #cointelpro #nypd #gangstalking

  1. Yes, NYC is bad you have to try and be stocwick (emotionless) Money, and the Gang are important Gods to them…its hard try to live the best way you can…easy the cell stuff, its causes you more trama as well as others watching that are real Haressed! Medication, Prayer, Exercise and find another (REAL) T.l. to converse with…about copeing, not the disstress/drama.

  2. I'm in NYC, Strength/Spirit/Focus to you…soldier we are fighting illegal psychological warfare! You are Special outside of Groupthink..unfortunately for the mindless that are involved in your targeting some believe it or not, were fooled into believing they are doing the correct thing, others know exactly and are demonic. So laser-focuse continue living!

  3. Imnglad you doing this. I took a few tips seen a perp slowing down to survey me on two separate occasions last week I pulled out my camera phone and pointed it toward them and they ran like hell.. like it was nitro in they car 💀🤣🤣 living la vida loca

  4. If we get together under an institution we could do great things beyond imagination of human understanding because we are free thinkers but that cannot happen untill the world unites under one Flag= Humanity One Purpose=Unity and Balance…

  5. new sub here and Im a T.I. they are drilling holes in my ceiling and spying on me so now i have to take a shower with my clothes on plus i have to use the toilet in a refrigerator box…they are sick pervert scum who steal my trash bags and take my bloody clotty tampons to lick my blood plasma so they can look and feel young again .

  6. It's physiological however it's real as well u got to understand this is white supremacy this is fear tactics keep something on you and never give them what they want they tried me too but u gotta know they are terrorist don't allow them to take your peace protect you if u have to but fuck them

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