September 20, 2023
Great interview with Maxwell Chikumbutso

21 thoughts on “Great interview with Maxwell Chikumbutso

  1. This shows that the West has africa not in their mind. Where are the african leaders? These morons does not have their populace in mind. Why is nobody in the world talking about this?

  2. Defently need to look more into this and love he mentioned Thesla who created things in the same way by Seing the solutions in his mind… And for Thesla the important thing was also the frequency.

  3. Congratulations my Kemitic brother 🤴🏾🎓✨ I did like your still mentioning God above in your narrative , a true believer 👍🏾 You do deserve an Honorary PhD for your scientific prowess, indeed 👍🏾
    I do pray the Most High God so that He keeps safeguarding you and shield you from the devil agents who very often try to keep us under 🙏🏾
    Love and support from Gabon/Africa 💚💛💙

  4. Brother God educated you, please please do mass production for all your inventions. Buy yourself a beautiful house don't be shy build your country Zimbabwe money will come from your inventions like Elon Musk.

  5. Wow !!!! may the most high protect and guide you , and between Dr Zibby and this guy ,who needs the western world 🤔🤔😀😂😂🤔

  6. Yes Maxwell it has been God all through ,thanks for putting God first, you are blessing to Africa,but who is seeing that, that's why the world should believe we built the pyramids

  7. Y'all need to protect this brother, especially here in the US. Look up what they did to Aaron Salter Jr & Stanley Meyer.

    As for Tesla Motors, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THEM. They're apart of the Cabal.

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