November 26, 2022

39 thoughts on “Guinea Opposition Backs Coup, East Africa Bloc to Expand, Kenya Warms up to Somaliland

  1. So proud of my new president Hakainde Hichilema. It’s truly a new dawn for Zambia. Finally we are rid of the former corrupt, tribalistic, oppressive, irresponsible and destructive President and it’s party. Never again will Zambians be taken for granted. It’s going to be tough to clean up and start building our great nation but with a new competent cabinet and leader we are hopeful. Zambia can breath again. Forward Zambia. Beacon of how change of power by the ballot should be done. Prayers for my brothers and sisters in Guinea…sad state of affairs.

  2. I dont know if you are going to read this,
    But you didnt read without a reason.
    You were guided to this ,
    it is not an accident that you read this, and your life changed, please read and understand this carefully.
    I will try to put as much information as I can into this 1 post, so you can learn from it, and research the all rest for yourself.
    Go research the aberya/hebrew letters and see how I found it, and you must find it.
    The name of the messiah is Yahusha
    Yahusha means YAHUAH is salvation.
    He was a AberYa/Hebrew , just like you.
    Do not be proud of anything, be humble.
    The inner voice or conscious in our head is not you, its is the YAHUAH THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY.
    We are all controlled by THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAHUAH.
    He was a Aberya/Hebrew, just like you
    You must keep the Shebet/Sabbath
    First you must know how to find the times and months.
    All your time is in the sky.
    Today is the 10th Day of 6th month
    How did I find that?
    First you must spot the new moon.
    You go out side when the moon is completly dark and observe till you see a slither of light,you will see it when the sun is setting, but you must be vigilant and observe for THAT IS THE NEW MOON.
    Your days are from evening to evening(Dusk)
    When the sun has fallen at dusk that is your new moons day. DAY 1.
    Then you have and count 6 working days, then the seventh day of counting is the Shabet/shabbat.Day 1 excluded, that is new moons day.
    All your shabets will fall on the 8th,15th,22nd,29th of the month always. The sun gives the moon its light, they work together.Look at the moon phases. There is 14 parts of the moon, it increases its light each day by 1/14 part. Each parts of light is a day.When you have a half moon that is the 7/14 part of light of the moon.Then you have 7 parts left of the moon till it is full. Then you get a full moon on the 15th day. The 15th day of the month is always a full moon. Then the light decreases by 1/14 each day. When all of its light is gone, and it becomes a dark moon that signifiys the 30th day or 29th day. Some months will have only 29 days.  Then you look in the sky where the sun is setting to see the New moon.
    Each month is a seperate month. They do not flow into each other. Stop using calendars they are evil and here to destroy you.
    Dont mess this up.
    Also find the first month.
    You can find the first month when ylu see the flax bud and the barley harvested, around spring.
    All your feasts and holy days are in the sky, you must observe and follow them.
    The Shebet/Sabbath is important.
    Dont cook.
    Dont work
    Dont start/kinddle a fire.
    Dont buy or sell.
    Dont go out.
    Dont make excuses and be tempted to do these things. Be safe.
    His videos are really helpful I think you will learn alot from them, but dont listen or follow his words or mine words, research all and study for yourself so we dont decieve you.
    You must follow all the Laws, Statues, and Commandments.
    This is not Yasherel/Hebrew law, this is The law of Man. All of the children of Edam must follow the law, even if you are not of Yasherel you must still follow the law. White people don't have to follow the law ,because they are not from Edam, and are not human. Don't think it is racist or your better than anyone, still respect them and everyone.
    I cant really put all the commandments and laws in here, but you must go to the Turah/Torah and find and follow all of them for yourself.
    But I will put the foods you cant/can eat.
    You can eat all creatures that chew the cud and purtain/have the hoof and is cloven footed.
    You cant eat the Camel,Hare, Rock Badgers/Hyrax. They chew the cud but dont purtain the hoof.
    You cant eat SWINE/PIG. They purtain the hoof but dont chew the cud.
    All of these animals are unclean/abomination to you, dont eat them or touch there carcases/dead bodys.
    You may eat any clean birds, but you may not eat the birds of prey.
    Of all the creatures living in the water, you may eat any that has fins and scales.
    You may not eat(Lobster,Shrimp,Catfish,Eels..) they are unclean.
    All flying/smarming insects are unclean to you; do not eat them,Yet these you may eat of all winged swarming things that go upon all fours, which have jointed legs above their feet, wherewith to leap upon the earth.The locust ,Bald locust,The Cricket, Grasshoper.
    You may not eat anything that is/goes on its belly or has many legs.
    You may not eat the rodents, weasel, or lizards.And whatsoever goeth upon its paws, among all beasts that go on all fours, they are unclean unto you whoever touch their carcass shall be unclean until the even.
    Dont eat any food with blood in it.
    Dont eat blood.
    Dont eat anything that died of it self.
    Dont eat anything offered to idols.
    Dont cook/ boil a kid in its mother’s milk
    Stop mixing with them and tell those around you stop mixing with others, if you dont know your tribe, marry a black woman or black man only.
    You come from your father, whoever your father or forefathers were is who you come from.
    Dont hate your people.
    Stop making excuses.
    You are destroying your bloodline.
    Go check your cloths and how they are tainted. They want you to stay in evil.
    Stop wearing and buying cloths made with different or two kinds of fabrics/materials.(Wool and Cotton)
    Make fringes on the 4 corners of your cloths.
    Dont wear clothes that purtain/related to the other gender. Dont make exucuses.
    If you think it is wrong dont wear it.
    Women dont wear suits,pants.
    Men dont wear purses,dresses.
    Dont plant two seed in the seeds in the same place/field to defile the fruit.
    I suggest you look at the foods you are eating, if it is even food.(gmo).
    Dont mix two animals of diverse kinds.
    Dont charge usury/intrest on anything to your brothers, but you can charge it to strangers.
    If one of your brothers lost something, you will reurn it to him if you find it. And if he is not close or you dont know him, it will stay with you in your house, until he seeks to find it, and then you will return it to him. You will not ignore it.
    Dont swear or take an oath by the name of YAHUAH falsely, dont defile the name of THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY.

    Make sure to replace "lord" and "god" with and say YAHUAH when you are reading and studying the scripture, because they replaced THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAHUAH NAME with the abominations of "lord" and "god".
    Stop saying the abominations of "Christ" and Jesus, and all other idols.

    Know who you are, and where you cane from. You are Aberya and your family is all over africa and where you were taken on the ships. Why were your ancestors taken?
    They negleted and Forgot YAHUAH and went worshiping others and devils.
    And Turned to wickedness
    Breshyat/Gen 15:13 :And He said unto Abram: 'Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; 15:14 and also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge; and afterward shall they come out with great substance.
    This is the land of bondage, but you can get out of it. A Righteous race is being born now, be one of them who comes out of this. When you come back the sinners and the world will be judged.
    The World is against you
    Everyone is against you
    They know who you are
    There is great evil that are in a confedeate  against you, have you ever wondered why white people, Arabs, and everyone else hates you, and dont be fooled they do hate you and look down on you. There leaders know who you are, and they want to destroy everyones bloodline.
    Dont feel proud beacuse of these words.
    Be Humble and Turn and Pray to YAHUAH.
    Dont be led astray.
    All the relgions was made to destroy you and keep you away from YAHUAH.
    Get as much people out of this World as you can. Help your Brothers and Sisters leave all there Evils and Wickedness.
    By the way I think we should be speaking and writing in AberYa/Hebrew,  I think people are ready to learn and understand the language.
    I think it would help our people alot and the world, especially understanding THE SCRIPTURE OF THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAHUAH.

    Here is the Book of Hanuk/Enoch and some useful information.
    The truth is out there. You must search for YAHUAH with your Heart, Soul, and Very Much.
    ברך עליון אל שדי יהוה עולם ועד
    Which means –

  3. Still waiting on the EAC's planned East African federation which combines all of EAC into 1 mega country with 1 passport, 1 currency, and 1 language (Swahili)

    They have been talking about it for awhile now; Get that done!

  4. I truly feel well informed by your clips and feel real sense of being in touch by African people and see their aspiration and efforts to achieve DAMN SUCESS THAT YOU TRULY DESERVE MORE THEN ANYBODY INDIA BEEN THROUGH WHAT UR GOING THROUGH CURRENTLY HENCE I SHARE THOSE AGONY AND INJUSTICE TOO 🙏🙏🙏👊🙌👍

  5. Kenya isn't East Africa and try to divide their neighbours to get a political leverage over Somalia will be their downfall. They are scared of their neighbours getting on their own 2feet which will make kanye obsolete.

  6. ECOWAS is as useless as AU they are reactive not proactive at all , they have a problem with a coupe but when this guy was amending the constitution to his benefit they did not do shit, now that there’s a coupe they are quick to condone it

  7. ECOWAS is still controlled by French and colonial powers. they don't complain when the dictators are made and grow in power but only when the people fight back. they need to realise they aren't Europeans and put Africa first.

  8. admitting countries that arent in east africa into the EAC kinda defeats the purpose of an EAC lol would be easier to just then change the name then to something that includes all of africa.

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