September 26, 2022

21 thoughts on “Guinea Opposition Demand Civilian Rule, Egypt’s Suez Canal Breaks Record, Ugandan Novelist Tortured

  1. @2nacheki What I think of this? Well… President Obama did invite Russia to help out in Syria. This video shows the results of Russia stepping in to help. America later pulled all of our troops from Syria after I played the video for President Trump. I wanted to know why our military doesn't make a presentation like this for our Presidents? Enjoy the video showing results!

  2. What is the rush about? Those civilian sharks can not wait enough to begin pilfering the resources of the Guineans.The military should instill a new order in Guinea in direct emulation of Paul Kagame of Rwanda and late Flight luitenant Jerry Rawlings of Ghana. Presently, non of the so called political parties has a genuine vision that will benefit Guineans populace.

  3. We should have to respect the people voice , please African Brothers We Need To Respect One each another , no more blood in our mother land. MAMA Africa. We Have All The resources For Generations . Dear leaders please do the needful what is useful for the people. #No more.

  4. I think you mistake what happening in Guinea. I'm a Guinean born and rise there. Actually the opposition didn't demand the power to return to civilian but rather the form a coalition to be represented in the CNT that are soon about to be composed.

  5. That shipping situation is usury profiteering on people and small businesses, increase in shipping and price while they make astronomical profits and they oil companies skate free (but the price of gas keeps rising).. for what reason, with what excuse? What does covid have to do with shipping? Did they stop? Hell no, best year EVER for shippers… another monopoly group taking advantage of a fabricated crisis for profit.

  6. The most hated thing for dictators is intellectual words.
    The reason behind worse events after any dictator ia that he jas destroyed human resources. All writers, poet composers, and philosophers are either killed or under escapement situation in any dictatorship system.

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