September 22, 2023


  1. What is this European man saying? The audacity “tearing down” Africans .. Focus on your race and leave us East Africans alone 😂

  2. Your incorrect. Habesha means black derived from Arabic language, like Ethiopian means BLACK and is a Greek word. Abyssinians never called themselves that. Habesha ppl are traced to Sabaean traced to the Mesopotamia area such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen were made up of BLACK ppl that were pushed by the Arabs who were from Turkish Mountains. Do you have mixtures of Black ppl in America? Those that conquer the ppls conquer their women.

  3. the original Ethiopians are the Cushite and Ometics. such as the Oromo the Afar the Somalis, Sidamo, Saho, and many more. the habesha came later on. the puntite you see are the cushite-

  4. Face it bro were ran all of Africa, tribe of Judah know it people of God, so if we dominate it it was for the betterment of the other tribes, how comes you ain't saying anything about the ebio tribe in Nigeria running the country how comes they ain't racist homie huh? word of Advice homie dont get involved with you own identity crisis and escially dont get involved in another kingdom, otherwise we gonna strike yo ass with lighting… no questions asked get it you ain't even dark your self you you being racist to your self FOOOL

  5. You don’t have to black, dark to be African or black like wtf is wrong with these African American 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. A lightskin nigga talking about amharas, other mixed black folks. 😂 this shit is comedy. He ain't even got a clue that there is 80 other tribes within Ethiopia lmao

  7. Yo I didn't watch the full video yet but looking at the comments I feel like some y'all think bad of Habesha people. Like number one not all Habeshas are light skin and number two there is colorism within Ethiopia but that was brought in by European influence and colorism is everywhere in Africa not just Ethiopia.

  8. Man Just Shut the fuck Up im Eritrean you dont know Shit what you talking about WE are Not Like you Guys easy AS that WE have different tribes thats IT but how can i exept a child of a Slave to understand you have No culture ist down Boy 😂

  9. Sorry for coming late. Where did you get your facts that habesha people looked down at other non habesha (The Kush, Nilotics etc)? Though most part of your speech were correct.

  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️the angry comments are so funny …it's hilarious how the truth triggers them it's amazing how ppl are content with being incomplete on purpose can't and won't accept themselves flaws and all embarrassed to be their complete selves and act as if it's all good an ignore the bad traits

  11. Well habesha refers to the ruling tribes of ethiopia and Eritrea, since the habesha were the ruling tribes then their whole land were called as habesha. You don't like it, then get lost and start speak about your own history not our history.

  12. Read my lips " Habesha people are not black" not being white doesnt automatically make you black. Would you call Indian people black cause they are not white???

  13. There are many groups in Africa that are no longer negroes due to concubinage of negro women with Arab slave masters; they have become mulatto tribes who no longer have negro features (wooly hair, broad/flat noses and thick lips). The Arabs ruled the East African coast, North Africa and the Sahel during the Arab/Trans-Saharan slave trade. The mulatto/Arab tribes include: Fulani Arabs, Janjaweed, Tuaregs, Somalis and other horners, Berbers, Moors, Shuwa Arabs etc. All of these groups raided negro communities for slaves and were collaborators during the Arab slave trade and the European conquest of Africa. The janjaweed are trying to wipe out and enslave all the negro tribes in Sudan such as the Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk etc. The Fulanis are trying to wipe out and enslave all the negro tribes in Sub-Saharan Africa. All the non-negro tribes in Africa have mixed ancestry and are mulattoes produced by Arab concubinage (sex slavery) of negro women. The male negro slaves were castrated (had their penises and testicles chopped off) by the Arab slave masters to prevent them from reproducing. A castrated slave is called a eunuch

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