December 4, 2021

16 thoughts on “Haitian migrant crisis fallout; George Floyd act fails; Black & missing: Jelani Day's body found

  1. Great great job Mr. Roland Martin. Also to my number 1 panel – The Thursday crew (especially Dr. Car & Ms. Reece). Great to hear from Rep. F. Wilson – she simply ‘made it plain’. Thank you. If it was not for you and your commentator giving their informative, honest & credible commentary, I don’t know where your overseas viewers would also be eg you clarified what the Press White House spokesperson said re: Daniel Foot, The US Special Envoy. The images and the whole situation re: the treatment of the Haitian is racist and inhuman.

    Finally, A huge and large thank you to those churches, and our American brothers and sister for doing such a great & brilliant job in supporting and fighting for our fellow human beings.
    Thank you & peace 🙏😏

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