September 21, 2023
Hakim Green Speaks On The Sara Suten Seti/Dr. Umar Johnson Beef

37 thoughts on “Hakim Green Speaks On The Sara Suten Seti/Dr. Umar Johnson Beef

  1. I think there are a lot of great ideas all around but the problem like Hakim Green said is taking action on these ideas. For this reason I don't think the black community will ever truly see it's visions and goals come to reality until we get focused.

  2. also the bible says the young would be able to tell the elders a thing a too! cmon whats wrong with the doc! im just not understanding why he would say that the elders need to get together but he is an adult with some pull and he still doesn't get it!

  3. Thank you Hakim! Your commentary is on point and exact. Stop giving your hard earn money to these fraud conscious prophets. Instead find an civic or political group that actually does work in your community, like feed homeless, clothing drives and literacy programs. Please Stop giving your money to these frauds who don't care about you, how much evidence do you need.

  4. Boyce Watkins is the only one who actually has put together a platform that teaches black people how to build wealth, invest in real estate, become a notary, invest in the stock marker.

  5. What a disgrace, grown up folks going back & forth like highschool girls. Who needs the KKK when you are doing a fine job of a great destruction of black society! Shameful!

  6. In here is where I have to turn away from the ignorance stating that you don't need the elders to come in and mediate a street beef. Well they actually represent two factions which goes deeper than a basic street beef, it speaks to lack of a "code of coduct". When you mention willie lynch that speaks to stripping a collective group of there cultural code of coduct down to there cellular level in a lot of respects. The japanese, chinese, jewish, italians, and even the russian communities restore order using the wisdom stick known as the elders. In none of those communities are you seen as an elder in your forties. So explain to me what makes this community special to go against the natural or neter for some, of lifes' cyclical order, when we have perfect examples of what happens when we go against that live and in living color… I.J.S . Remeber, "if you don't ask, you surely will not get"…

  7. I say don't take the debate. Dr. Umar made the debate challenge under derrest where he CLEARLY was not in his right mind. The language, behavior, lies, are not becoming of a doctor. I would not vote to take the debate.

  8. No one said it was the culmination. The debates bring info to a lot of people. Dr. Umar has served in schools as well as Seti. They both have an educational legacy with our children. We need to do our research before we start asking these orators, "What have they done?"

  9. So where's your work Hakim? He's speaking as if he himself has built all that he's talking about. If you're so concerned, then how about YOU contact Seti and Umar yourself and build TOGETHER instead of gossiping on a live stream about what other men are or aren't doing.

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