October 18, 2021

38 thoughts on “Hannibal Barca

  1. Hannibal (247 – between 183 and 181 BC),[n 1] fully Hannibal Barca, was a Punic military commander from north africa, generally considered one of the greatest military commanders in history.

  2. that's what you get when you let a fucking rich greedy merchants running your nation they won't give a fuck about the nation they will only think about how much the war will cost
    oligarchy is a fucking a cancer in the state
    modern tunisia should learn from the fucking history and learn to invest in the nation & the people and not in an oligarchic non-nationalist minority

  3. All yall who say why everyone think north africa is r was black because they were . Do ya history what does Arab r Arabic mean ? What do Ethiopia mean ? Look it up look at the coins that they say is the closes depiction of Hannibal . He was black r a light complected color n was more then likely moorish ! Peace be upon u all

  4. u did lie. u said i did not believe in phenotypes with out even knowing. if u do not know something, ask before being false about my view. the ancient skeletal remains of the people of carthage r in museums. if u do not mind reading, checkout "Les Races L'histoire," pp. 108, 409-410. Paris 1924. E. Pittard is the writer. He is European by the way. I will start u with that, i do not want to give u too much truth at once. I asked who decides which phenotypes create which race, not who feels.lol

  5. How could I lie if I had no idea what you believe?

    Who decides? Gee I don't know ,should that be decided democratically according to one's feelings and preferences? Like in who's white who's black nonsense. Is this a matter of belief like those evolution vs.creation rivalry?
    Ok if phenotypes do exist tell me which morphological characteristics did Hannibal exhibit and on what basis did you conclude this.

  6. you did not have to lie about me saying something about phenotypes to find out what i think about them, just ask. a collection of similar traits exhibited can be grouped, but who decides what traits will be used and which will not be? r all people with black hair going to be in one group? r u going to use eye or skin color? r u going to use nose, eye or lip shape? does curly hair belong with straight hair or nappy hair? does height matter? tell me the criteria for the group u belong to.

  7. Intent? i simply seek the truth, nothing more nothing less. this video has a depiction of hannibal that is incorrect and i commented on that. people like yourself r unaware of this lie or u do not want to face it.

  8. OK so you at least admit there are phenotypes, OK. But I just don't quite get it how a collection of certain similar traits exhibited cannot be put into some group and labelled with some term,I just don't.. So logical implication is not valid here? Of course differences occur, nothing in nature is absolute.

    "Us" people crated a separation within the whole science of biology.Nature does not recognise species,races or whatever, only genetically similar organisms that can reproduce themselves.

  9. When did i deny phenotypes? Please show me because that would be news to me. There r differences between all humans, such as finger prints, hair color, hair texture, eye color. eye shape, height, nose and so on. differences donot create so called races. differences occur within the same family. u people created the seperation of humanity based on skin color not me. i just said that hannibal did not look like he is depicted here. when u say i said something, be truthful.

  10. I'll ask you for your proof when you'll clearly expose your intent.

    Saying things like ancient Egyptians are/were in fact Africans, means nothing to me. Yes I know that, just as Indians are Asians.

  11. You're dancing around the bowl,but you won't reach up for the food. Well even if race isn't scientific there are still distinguishable phenotypes. And what were they used for historically?To determine races, well what do you know.

    It's meaningless because you cannot determine anything. You say there are no races then you insist Hannibal never looked like those people portrayed in this documentary. First you deny phenotypes then you embrace them to suit you.Please end the hipocracy already.

  12. u make no sense. i have never mentioned race because it is scientifically invalid. there were people living in the land now called africa in ancient times(ancient africans). how is that meaningless? u want to dance around the truth. the bottom line is this, hannibal did not look like the people in this video. i asked u if u wanted proof of the truth and u avoid it. just like i thought, people like u would rather live a lie.

  13. That's right enough. If we are to talk about any specific "race" or "races" solely based on the science of racial anthropology, with absence of any modern or past social constructs, I want to hear those "bogus" therms as ever hated "Negroid", if not Sub-Saharan or at least political correct Black African will do the trick. Everything else is totally trial and meaningless. Ancient African means virtually nothing, just as Ancient Asian means nothing.

    People of Africa? Who, the Libyans?

  14. enough of the nonsense, do you want to read the facts or not? r u content with the lies u currently believe or r u ready for a dose of truth? simple answer, ye or nay. i will send you info on books by your people that will show u the truth. let me know. ancient african means ancient people from africa. that is easy to define, but your idea of ancient may be different, so that should be more specific.

  15. You don't use "bogus" terms, you rather use terms that are clearly undefinable to somehow connect something that isn't rally related. "Ancient African" really means nothing. On the other hand you distinguish and at the same time generalize "Euros".

    African-ethiopic dominion? Seriously?

  16. by the way, the sahara was not always a desert, so it didnot stop africans from moving in all directions. skeletons of ancient carthage have been found and they r in museums. guess what your scientists say about their origins? lol if u r willing to read i can give u the title of the book. it was written by a european. let me know if u r interested in the truth. i doubt it.

  17. i never said hannibal was sub-saharan, i donot use bogus terms like that. the ancient african went all over the world so i am sure they migrated within africa itself. the caves it libya can show u that. u r victims of lies from some(not all) backward euros that were determined to place themselves in an ancient history that they had nothing to do with. the lands now called india, middle east and beyond were part of the african-ethiopic dominion. you came during the decline and hell came with u

  18. Yeah, and once Africa(Libya) was once known as Asia too. We all know that there are Austaloids living in southern India, not a big deal. Fact is that ancient peopled had their own concepts.

    Who said Aryan means European. Aryans were ancient Indo-European people who settled Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India. Europeans and Northern Indians have the same origin.

  19. i am not claiiming anything. i stated that ancient india was known as eastern ethiopia. a fact is a fact, would u prefer a guess or a lie? and yes, ethiopia stopped the great alexander. no kidding. btw, aryan does not mean european

  20. rewriting history is what u people have done and still do. do u define black the same way america does? in america, if u have any "black" blood in u then u r black. black is based on skin color, but now they r saying those from below the sahara r black and that some africans and others with dark or black skin r nor really black.lol. u people r having problems with the lies u keep pushing so u have to change definitions to fit your new view. who was in north africa before european contact?

  21. Now who believes he was European? Well concerning that his mommy was supposedly Iberian that does make him like half European, but Iberians Originate in north Africa too, so that makes him what?

    So where do Semitic Phoneticians originate? Maybe they have the same origin as Arabs or Jews according to linguistic classification.

  22. plenty of people on this thread believe hannibal was european. who do you think ruled the land now called lebanon before greece or rome existed? phoenicians come from who? sidonians come from who? btw, i do speak for myself.

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