November 30, 2021

43 thoughts on “Hasan reacting to The Boondocks | Commercial Blackness

  1. I don’t watch Hasan a lot cause I have a certain view of him right, and then I watch this and it just reinforces everything man idk I hope Hasan is a good dude cause he’s influencing a lotta people and the ways he goes about it don’t seem good

  2. Man they gotta get some sort of integration so twitch viewers count as views on YouTube. I’m 3 minutes in so far to be fair, but nobody’s watch Hasan at the start, they’re watching the video. This type of thing was the whole reason YouTube’s were getting annoyed at twitch streamers, cause they just play their videos while eating or something and the YouTube doesn’t get anything from it.

    Twitch and YouTube need to either integrate so twitch viewers watching YouTube videos on a twitch streamer’s stream count as views for the YouTube or figure some other shit out fr fr

  3. The Jimmy Rebel episode is so famously banned that a lot of people who have normally seen the show miss that one. It aired only once ever on TV and it had to go. It's a story about a Johnny Rebel analogy falling in love with Uncle Ruckus. The songs in it are incredibly racist. I mean if you've heard Johnny Rebel – that episode takes him up a notch. It is absolutely hilarious and incredibly offensive. Definitely one of the most offensive things to air on American TV this century. I love this show and the main thing that makes it so great is how it never backed down. It was completely brutal and honest. Even Season 4, which I know many people dislike was incredible.

  4. I loved the way he explained how complex the black image is by exposing the true people lying and using us for power. I wish people would wake up to the contradicting idea that we are degenerate monsters who only want violence but are always forced to the front of social justice issues and our true culture is always at the same time highlighted with the bad. The invited to the cookout, dread locks, soul food .

  5. Lmao i was such a Riley growing up as a mixed kid with a white dad and black mom, but turned into Huey as i got older. This show is one of the best shows i have ever watched in general and the best in it's genre/style for sure.

  6. I am a very white man. I would sneak episodes of boondocks in at night on adult swim when I was a kid. and I loved every minute of it. Going back as I got older just made it better and better

  7. That dude is dope. Its good to see more and more people becoming more open to understanding the racial dynamics of black people and african americans and the dynamics within the diaspora itself.

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