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Heavily Armed “Black Militia” Swarms Stone Mountain on Independence Day

As many as 200 heavily armed Blacks dressed in military-style uniforms swarmed Stone Mountain Park in Georgia on Independence Day

“Black power,” they chanted. “Black power.”

Police told television station WXIA that the northern and western entrances to the park were shut down after the self-identified members of the

“Black Militia” entered the area

Video also shows some of the militia threatening motorists who were caught in the chaos.

“What the f*** you laughing at, one of the gunmen told a white motorist. “I’m your worst nightmare.”

If this had been hundreds of armed white people marching through Stone Mountain there would have been wall-to-wall network and cable news coverage. Democrats would have accused the whites of trying to start a Civil War.

So far, there has been no national news coverage of what happened today. And the reason why is because it doesn’t fit the media’s narrative.

Need more proof?

Just last week in St. Louis two law-abiding gun owners defended their mansion against a rampaging mob that had torn down a gate and trespassed in their neighborhood.


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