June 5, 2023
Hegseth: Black Lives Matter movement supports crime and division

‘Fox and Friends Weekend’ host responds to divisive rhetoric from BLM New York leader Hawk Newsome.

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27 thoughts on “Hegseth: Black Lives Matter movement supports crime and division

  1. BLM is a communist organization that recruits weak minded people that are easy to lead. A branch of the great reset to divide the country. BLM makes is owned by individuals that don’t live in America.

  2. BLM is a joke 😂😂😂. Let's see how many more homes their founders will buy with thier own black race donation money and dip 😂😂😂.

  3. No system is perfect. Just like our Pandemic Unemployment system was not.

    High profile criminals get pardoned after just a few months of years without ever doing any good.
    So as a news person, your research about a person you talk about is just 2 sentences?
    No wonder why America is always at war

  4. Exactly, crime is up because NYPD don't want to perform their duties, therefore we should defund the police..

    If underperforming equals more free money, then why not give the free money to other underperforming organizations?

  5. If anyone reading this supports blm, would you mind answering my question. Why do you say defund the police, is that not counter productive, as if you defund or abolish them completely then that means worse cops and more crime. Would it not be more effective to increase spending on police and rooting out bad police than to decrease spending ? If they have less training there is a higher chance for them to cause incidents. Please respond to this as it is a legitimate question.

  6. I stand for black lives matter, but the way that I am being treated when black people bully me for "saying black lives don't matter" which I didn't do, is just not right. What about the normal white people? We should all be treated equally, as when black lives matter came up, the white people were suddenly downgraded, and I was told to appologize for what? also, I have seen NO person ever complaining about black people, (it could be just me) but you don't need to DOWNGRADE the white. the only white citizen I saw critisizing the black was trump, but he does not stand for all of us. No matter what, we are the ordinary, and i don't think black people realized it. Sorry if this sounded racist, this is just my opinion. Black racism is just as hurtful as white racism

    Original by me, Rikki

  7. The crime would be less. If the activist DA and judges would prosecute offenders and keep them in prison, instead of “decline to prosecute “. And early release

  8. I grow up don't have father and I don't even know what love is .i live in the whatever they called the ghetto I don't even have enough food to eat everyday I wear same clothes everyday to school as poor as I am already black people still break in my house almost everyday when I finally able to afford one pair of levi 501 jean they think am rich if I'm rich why would I still want to live next to you when you are so violence.i went thru hell all my life but I don't go out there robbing and hurting people. stop with all the drama and violence excuses.

  9. funny Fox News doesn't have multiple videos against or about PROUD BOYS, 6MWE, OATH KEEPERS, etc .. so racist FOX NEWS .. making it hard for Republicans to win any election with constant entrenched RACISM FOX NEWS ‼️

  10. That's how racist BLM is they don't care about any other race except them selves. Asians Mexicans or white's. BLACK AFRICANS AMERICANS are the racist towards all cultures not just white's.

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