September 21, 2021

30 thoughts on “Here Is What To Expect When Moving To The Gambia Regarding Light, Water, And Internet

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  2. Buoy it's the same in most of our countries & even over here in UK to baxide 😤😤😤unu still no answer me question I need to know how I can get myself a house like yours as I'm coming to the Gambia really soon 💯💯😮😮

  3. The ACE cable had a problem and all ISP in the Gambia were affected except Gamtel and Gamcel because they do have a backup in Senegal.

  4. Thank You AP so the electric strip what kind Exactly will work I have been trying 2 know this for 1 year now & I need 2 stack up ‼️🖤☮️✊🏽Thanx again AP

  5. AP and Jodi keeping it real.if you are for the Caribbean that’s minor issues. I would love to see the ones who can’t make a fire if there’s no gas, or electric stoves and it raining and the wood is wet. 👍if you been there and done that.

  6. I have been watching you guys for the past couple of weeks. I met my love and he lives in Gambia. I am learning and preparing for trip to the Gambia soon…I love yall energy and honesty in all that you share. I am excited and nervous because I have never flew or been to another country outside of the US…I definitely understand what yall are saying about the differences as my Mandinka so to be husband says, that I will need to adjust. But I have lived not the so called smooth life here in the US. Struggle is everywhere in many different forms. I believe it is how you maintain manage and adapt within the struggle that causes survival. I appreciate you guys so much. I wish I could meet you guys in person when I get there. Your videos have gave me such great inspiration.

  7. Our electricity and water get shut off in the US once in a while as well. It's horrible in the winter if the electricity goes out because it get's sooooo cold. We bought a generator to solve this problem.

  8. Do you know if in The Gambia they sell a small mobile “hotspot” that can be use when the internet (Wi-Fi) goes off? I’m still here in the states and currently for backup I use a Straight Talk mobile hotspot when the electricity goes off. I am able to use my cellphone, tablet, and laptop during these times. I also have a small solar cellphone charger that fits in my pocket which will charge all of my electronics as well. Where did you get your “power bar plug” from? Thanks for answering. Coming to The Gambia this year and can’t wait to get there. 🌍

  9. Guys, when I lived in Jamaica I never experience water being off. Electricity sometimes but now or then. It depends on where in Jamaica you live. You guys know that. I am from Hanover, close to Negril. Our water supply is awesome there. When you live in some areas in the city well that’s a different story. 💕

  10. AP,QJ I'm from Westmoreland, Barham District, no Internet, barely get water during daytime spend most the night and early morning catching water and with the current it's a flip of the coin 🤣 so Gambia no problem 👊🏿🇯🇲🇬🇧

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