September 20, 2021

4 thoughts on “Here Is Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Moving to Africa After Meghan Markle baby Birth.

  1. They should pay for their own security. Harry had 40 million dollars let them Pay for the security. The Queen is sending them because she sick of Meghan and Harry. William and Kate are sick of their disgusting disrespectful attend. They are not Rock stars at all. Only in their minds. Believe as an American we are sick of them and what trashy thing Harry picked is unbelievable. We love Prince William and Princess Kate all the way.

  2. Stop showing that picture of Tanya Lama and trying to pass it up as Meghan! You're deceiving the public. Stop it. Harry and Meghan are most likely being sent away to Africa because probably they have found fault in Meghan's actions (ex.leaking false info in an attempt to discredit Prince William) and they want her far away from them. Prince William and Kate are the future monarchs and they need to keep parasites and leeches away from them. Meghan Markle is bad news. All she brings is negative attention. Now her PR team are trying to cause controversy saying that Kate is jealous of her! LoL…as if!! Nah, not in a million years. Markle would have to be born again and this time in a more attractive package… like seriously, saying that Kate is jealous of Meghan is equivalent to saying that a Swan is jealous of a rat!!! Ain't happening!

  3. Whatever They Decide To Do It Will Always Be A Troll Being Stupid.TheyAre,A Fabulous And Beautiful Couple,Some People Just Can't Stand People To Be Happy.!!!!

  4. Good she is moving to Africa because over there this the place that she could be fake, and the poor will buy it. Everyone who wants to be famous, always starting fooling African people by doing humanitarian works just to get rich and the poor children are still poor, Meghan is disgusting and fake.

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