September 21, 2023
Here's How 50 Cent Talks To His Son About Black Lives Matter Protests

Curtis “” Jackson tells that he’s had a few difficult conversations with his 7-year-old son about the Black …


44 thoughts on “Here's How 50 Cent Talks To His Son About Black Lives Matter Protests

  1. I came here to hear how 50 cent talks to his son about BLM and all I heard was a very nervous sounding Kelly Clarkson talk at 50 about she talks to her little white girl about BLM.

  2. Kelly Clarkson is simply not smart enough to interview a man that came from nothing, had every disadvantage life can throw at a human being, rose above it all and built a financial empire out of scratch. 50 cent is a walking,living, breathing example of what can be achieved if your willing to do the work in your own life and own your choices.

  3. I got little ones and I certainly will not talk to them about racism. They are color blind and prefer to keep them like that, everyone is equal. What the jaded world (media) is up to will keep them from until they're old enough to think for themselves.

  4. 50, do your son a favor. Don't teach him to be a victim. Teach him to excel and work hard. Don't teach him to hate. Teach him to respect everyone. Teach him that he lives in the greatest country in the world.

  5. Man he was about to say that talking about race too much could be detrimental to the children of America and she cut her off 😫😫😫 Isn’t she a Democrat too? She was probably afraid he was going to say the truth sigh

  6. Why is is a different conversation Kelly? It's not. Plain and simple truth is just Stop It. Stop pointing out the differences. We are All American regardless. 🤦 This just hit me way wrong about the time you mention your little white girl an his little black boy. Smh. They are children. A little boy and a little girl. Only ones seeing their color are grown ups. And that's sad af!

  7. We need to stop the rioting
    Burning cities doesn’t help out stopping racism
    George Floyd wasn’t innocent
    Neither was Jacob Blake or many of the people getting killed
    We don’t need a black national anthem
    We need one anthem and the one is the star spangled banner that stands for us all
    If you don’t like the flag and the anthem then leave!!

  8. If your going to interview people you should probably let them finish their thoughts. What you have to say isn’t more important than what they have to say. If anything most people are here to hear what he thinks.

  9. Thanks for not letting 50 talk. Kelly made herself sound so dumb in this interview. The white mom talking to her white daughter is not the same conversation as a black father and black son. Let's be real here. Kelly acting like a KAREN. SMH

  10. So first black live matter enough his son is just 7years old,you think 50 cent had your education,for him the fact is it's his own people that try to kill him ,even just in the career of rappers in your america 2pac notorious big and maybe he was gone be the next.
    You no what he stand for theres a song about guns witch you sell in your America that's why sometimes a white guy go crazy.
    God give me style god give me grace I think that's true.

  11. ALM – All Lives Matter. All lives infested with sin. Everyone is a victim of pre-existing sin. For God all lives are equal, all lives matter. God loves everyone unconditionally. Jesus Christ came from heaven to earth for one purpose only – to die on the Cross for remissions of pre-existing sins of every single person and to resurrect.  Jesus Christ providing forgiveness of pre-existing sins; salvation from eternity in hell; and free entry to eternity in heaven for all who repent of sins in Jesus Christ.
    Otherside of death is eternity. Eternity in hell. Or eternity in heaven through Jesus Christ. Penalty of pre-existing sin already paid by Jesus Christ on The Cross. Accept Jesus Christ, be saved from pre-existing sin and eternal hell for free.

  12. This Americans love to build problems on top of problems.😂 Ya'll, nobody is born racist. Instead of teaching to respect black people in particular, support every community as an equally important one. Yes, teach history so we do not go back to it but no, do not involve kids in problems that are not only difficult for them to understand but also will confuse them and create a barrier between them and certain communities around them. Take it from me, a Hispanic that has given class t from kids to teenagers and from hispanics to SO many nationalities, be wise of how you raise your kid and what information you provide them. There is a reason why the kids are tought in an gradual way, there is an age and a time for everything. Black lives matterd because all lives matter. Be good to all, do good to all and even if they do not treat you with kindness, treat them with kindness.

    PS: I'm barely going to be 20 soon so do not think for a moment I am not part of/informed VERY heavily in what is happening today.

  13. Is she serious? Does he have to have the conversation? Is he black? Oh so things are televised now so her kid is asking questions and that makes her oblivious to what life in America has been since the for black people. Everyone has had to have such talks since forever. How clueless.

  14. Damn, I'm white and I taught my kids to not resist police and do what they say.
    If they do something wrong we can fight it in court but you aren't doing anyone any favors by arguing with the cops and fighting them on the side of the road.
    Act polite and respectful. If the cop is out of control the courts will see that.
    Especially now with cameras everywhere including my son's car.
    I also help him understand that the police have to deal with all sorts of people.
    Even people who act polite and then shove a gun in the cops face and blow their brains out. I've actually shown them videos of it happening. To white cops and black ones.
    They don't know who they are dealing with so keep that in mind.
    Just like you don't know if the cop is one of the psychos or not they don't know anything about you either.
    Just like meeting someone off craiglist to buy/sell something.
    You don't know if they are going to pull a gun at any moment so when someone is reaching and fidgeting around be on high alert and be ready to protect yourself.
    I actually told my son's not to meet people in dark quiet places for this very reason.
    Better to meet people at crowded parking lots or at a police substation which are numerous throughout the city.
    There's multiple on just about every side of town here.
    From the shit I seen I'd have my hand near my gun at all times when doing a traffic stop. Unless they don't have any arms and can't whip out a pistol they are suspect. Lol

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