November 30, 2021

9 thoughts on “Hey Family!

  1. Oops that's Sistas 💯💯true talk dat Jodie changing mindset as we are richer than we know in every way its just that some of us don't know we worth or Overstrand so each 1 teach 1 💯💯❤️💛💚🖤🥰

  2. AP & Jodi greetings guys! Sorry I missed your life, was busy yesterday! Watching now! Keep up the good work you are both doing! Keep your head up. Blessings 😘😘✊🏿

  3. You are a beautiful couple ❤️❤️. I can t wait to receive my Afraken Pickney coffee mugs. AP I with you. Me no touch crocodiles and snakes 😆. My youngest daughter swam with sharks without a cage and I still have nightmares about that. People say she is brave but I say she is crazy!!!!

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