September 19, 2023

23 thoughts on “HIDDEN GEMS & LOST CITIES OF AFRAKA!!! PT.1 #GeneralSeti #SaRaSutenSeti

  1. We are the descendants of a people that went through a horrific inhumanitarian event. One that lasted so long, that we forgot. And rightly so. Our people were victimized, brainwashed and more. Stop giving the Europeans so much credit. It's not that they hid anything from us. They just didn't care. We are slowly recovering from what happened and believe me this despicable act will be reconciled. As much as we want justice right now, we won't get it because there is no justice right now. This is a European dictatorship and we are still caught up in it. Justice will be when we elevate our creator higher then the European. We we dump everything thing he believes in. Then there will see justice. Because all of us on this planet will know, and even the Europeans, that evil can not eradicate itself. If the Europeans were truly sorry for what they have done on this planet, they would fall down on their knees and beg us for forgiveness. They are sleeping too. How could you or the USA admit to being the greatest satan of all. Pretty hard pill to swallow. Because for everything the USA did, it has destroyed and is still destroying other countries for. When the world see this for what it truly is, this will all end. All civilizations, for what ever reasons, come to an end. The new testament is talking about that end. The end of European rule on this planet. This next God, not creator , will be a monster humanity will wished it would have never created. I hope we can withstand it.

  2. This when you come back to the hood and you see the hood changed. The owners left, new people moved in that didn't know how to up keep the property.

  3. Ancient Greek writers also documented black Africans being on the other side of the Red Sea. They actually said there are two sides of the continent. One on each side split by the Red Sea.

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