September 28, 2021

29 thoughts on “HIGHLY REQUESTED | Kemetic Womb Yoga Routine

  1. I finally tried it and I love it. However, some of those moves are super challenging. Mainly because of my weight and I’m guessing. I enjoyed it and will be doing it again. Thank you Kempress!!! 😊

  2. This is awesome! Sistar ur video is my favorite of all KEMETIC yoga on YouTube and I teach as well! If I may make a suggestion….☝🏾 we need a warm up first! This position is called Geb and before Geb the body must be warmed up. I was wondering why my body aches doing these poses! Can you make another video, with more breaths in
    each pose and a warm up for circulation prior to this wonderful sequence like a 25 min jon? Dua 🙌🏽

  3. Adding this to my night routine! This is perfect as I read sacred woman I've been studying the pictures but it really helps to have this visual. Thank you GODdess! My womb is ecstatic as well !

  4. I enjoyed it. Thank you. ❤️ A little different from Hatha yoga but I love the womb focus. Is there a modification for the Inner Balance? It's similar to Plow in Hatha and I can't do that pose yet.

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