September 18, 2023
Historic Move: The Real Reason Ghana Is Granting Citizenship To All African Americans

49 thoughts on “Historic Move: The Real Reason Ghana Is Granting Citizenship To All African Americans

  1. When i see black celebs moving somewhere it makes me hesitant. I see what many (not all) have done here in america during pandemic. aka Rules for Thee but not for Me. If not for them i would consider it. Something not right

  2. In America all they show us is naked women and mud huts. I was surprised to to see Africans were living much better than us in the USA. The houses are nicer. The infrastructure are better, The roads are better.

  3. Please do your research before coming on here with misleading information, Ghana was never the first African nation to gain independence, Ethiopia and Liberia are the 2 oldest.

  4. Granting citizenship? This is something that all African nations should have done immediately after they won their independence!!! Not in 2019 when the only reason you’re doing it is to gain the hard currency of the people from the diaspora. Africa is a funny place. They still have not apologized for their part in slavery and the slave trade!!!The only race of people to willingly sell their own people!!Don’t give me any excuses about that. On top of that here in the states these same Africans feel that they are better the Black Americans. Wake me up when countries in Africa open their boarders the same way they did for the white man for black Americans or any black people in the diaspora!!!

  5. I've been to three different regions of the Motherland. I was received warmly as a "Sister" returning back home. The hospitality was genuine. My body literally felt different, stronger, and better the longer I stayed. My longest residence was 9 months in Liberia. There were challenges and things to adjust to, but the peace, safety, and tranquility there was worth it.

    Hubby and I are making plans to go back home in the near future for good.

  6. A white operation to get all black people out of America.. woooow. I love white folks, they are soo crafty.. trying to get all the negroes out of America has always been the plan and it's working now . Finally an African country has taken our money in and agreed to home these negros.. soon America will free from black people. My ancestors be crying in their graves as we built this country.. Ghana will have to confess to the world about the billions of dollars they took for this operation..

  7. It's about time. I have always felt Afrika should never limit a black person's stay in Africa, my home. I am beyond grateful for Ghanaian recognition since its my fore parent land. I will be traveling soon to my home Ghana with my interest to relocate from the U.S. Thanks Ghana Much Love and belonging. Great Move. Home at Last!!!

  8. African Americans should not go over to Ghana from the US because they was called. It is never good when you are called over. People call dogs over. They should go anywhere in Africa by their own volition. They are not doing them any favors. If I am in a que and a member of staff calls ME over to go stand some place else, I go the other way, likewise, that's what they should do now here too. (So that would be east Africa )

  9. This is purely an economic move from Ghana. This is not Ghana wanting to right their wrongs.
    Never forget what Ghana willingly participated in hundreds of years ago….do not trust them!

  10. If you not talking about Nationality, a citizenship is absolutely USELESS.. It’s just as being in America because you’re going to feel like a stranger in another person’s land. Good thing I studied in Law to teach me the rules of the world & United Nations because I know for a fact my ancestors are from America and this is my land & I have Nationality.

  11. WOW! My great great great grandparents were from South Africa and were slaves. They went from Africa to Barbados then to South Carolina in North America where they worked on the plantation. His slave master promised him he will set him free upon his death, and when the slave master died he was set free and was giving 500 dollars which was in the early 1800's was a lot. He took the money and purchased land that the family lived on, and they were farmers. He vowed to his children they will not work for the white man, so they all were farmers on the land he purchased. This is why I sit with my elders when we have gatherings to hear stories of the past such as this. I never really took much thought that I may have African descendants cause they say we are all from there but I had my doubts on that, and then to hear back in 2013 that my great great great grandparents were from South Africa was new news to me, so I guess after all I do have descendants from Africa. As I envision my great great grandma and my great grandma, I can see it.

  12. Yo! Check it! You are not fooling anyone (well I guess some many people, but not me) with this granting free citizenship to diaspora Africans play, Ghana. Your country played a huge part in the slave trade that sold my ancestors to the colonizers. Now all of the sudden you want to welcome all dispersed Africans back. I am not looking for an apology because there are just some unjustifiable events you can not apologize for. But I will say this, just like the mule and forty acres that was promised to my ancestors at the supposed close and end of slave, just like the reparations (non-monetary) we currently fight for to allow for better built neighborhoods, communities, land, hospitals and schools; what is Ghana offering besides just a free pass to live in a country that banished us hundreds of years ago. You are trying to pull in resources for dispersed Africans that live in wealthier countries to help boost you economy with nothing being offered EXCEPT free citizenship. I know there is currently a royal family whom may have ties as the descendants of the slave trading king(s). If this is not so prove it to me. I know a guy who is from Ghana living here in the US. I was always asking him about the history of Ghana or show me a historic Ghana book, but nothing ever came of it. I would love to here the history of Ghana for your mouths rather then our white colonizers. Sorry just opening up your country to us banished Africans isn't going to do it for me.

  13. I've never traveled outside of the U S. And yet as a child growing up dreams of Africa constantly invaded my sleep. It was after I became a grow man that I realized I have a deep rooted connection to true home… Thankyou to embrace your stolen brothers and sisters Ghana🙏🏼🙏🏼

  14. Iv'e been to Nigera in 1986 spent 28 days at the time Nigeria had about 15 states, Nigeria Guinness Limited sponcer the concerts, when i step off the KLM plane the first thing that i did when i touch the ground, I kneel down and Kiss the Ground, I did have a DjVue experience as if i were there before, At that time my thinking were, I wish More of us from the Caribbean or mainland USA Visit and see for themselves..

  15. African Americans aren’t from Africa, but I’m sure Ghana is a great place to live… We African Americans must recognize who we our and claim that 1st! Then, we can move around within this world free and with our purpose! 🤎🤎🤎🤎

  16. NO IM NOT SATISFIED YET >>>>>> We Black Americans should only receive citizenship if 1) each month we each are given a check for $14,000 since Africa is now given $300 billion every year by the u s. 2) Black American History should be tout in every school 3) We should be offered free land and housing along with free electric, water and internet. 4) Police protection and justice if discriminated against. 5) and lastly free grant money of a upwards of $300,000 to start a business. If all these are granted in our favor then only then I think that we as a people should decide on becoming a Ghanaian citizen.

  17. TRUTH IS Ghana wants Black Americans MONEY!!!.They are playing on Black Americans emotions because of slavery.TRUTH IS they were a part of the reason many ancestors were forced into slavery in the 1st place!!..Well slavery is OVER!! To try and sell Ghanas substandard living conditions to MOST Black Americans is going to be VERY difficult..Many Black people feel living in Ghana will be like living in slavery.Low unsanitary water or NO water on many days..Little to NO electricity..Then you would have to buy your own waterline to build a home there.Really? Is the water even purified or sanitary🤔🤔?? After living in America or better conditions and lifestyles and being exposed to qualty education and give it up to submit to Ghana??? It may be a questionable trade.However our choice will be to embrace Ghanas kind gesture OR continue fight here in America for what we built and what is RIGHTFULLY OURS!!!

  18. They ONLY want African Americans money!! NEVER Apologized for selling our Ancestors out to Slavery!! They want us to move to Ghana to live in substandard conditions. They continue to say move to Ghana because there's violence in America but they don't talk about extreme violence and war throughout their entire country.. continent..

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