September 18, 2023
History - Black Consciousness (Grade 12)

9 thoughts on “History – Black Consciousness (Grade 12)

  1. To be honest, im a matric this year and im doing these topics at school, and i do believe that you are a qualified teacher, i can hear that, but i would like you to know that the way you explain and reach to the students level of understanding is amazing, i subscribed for future lessons after school because this is soo interesting 👌
    May the Universe bless you👽

  2. You are doing this because its the right thing to do , its you calling as your spirits physically Biological being
    You should be proud of yourself, its honorable and i respect you for your legacy

  3. Thats not the truth Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe was against the multi-racialism of the freedom charter as it was furthering of devide and rule or seperateness( apartheid). Sobukwe never believed in multi-racialsm hence it was him who came with a new concept which was not even in the english dictionary which is non-racialism which later the other liberation movements adopted. Hence you can now find the concept non-racialism in the ANC documents. Lets not distort history for once we do that we are to produce ill-informed pupil.

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