November 28, 2022

40 thoughts on “History Has Been Made: Reparations Are Here

  1. One thing you are forgetting. When the slaves were freed, they were not U.S. citizens. At that time, they were no longer slaves but they were illegal aliens. They did not go through any process to become naturalized citizens. Their children that were born here, after the 14th amendment was ratified, July 9, 1968, were automatically U.S. citizens. Their descendants are U.S. citizens by birth. Illegal aliens are not U.S. citizens and have no constitutional rights.

  2. The genealogy would have to be DNA based and it would have to be very exact. Only those with significant amounts of dna sharing between the enslaved person should be paid and paid only by those who’s ancestry can be proven with any doubt to have owned slaves. The amount of dna shared is important because a person who’s 1/16th dna compatible with an enslaved person shouldn’t be paid. Experts puts the number as 1/4. These very specific people would only be paid by those with very specific people who share 25% of the dna with those who held slaves. No Congress will ever approve 11 trillion or any other number. The only way is to do the dna genealogy to ensure only those “guilty” pay to those that were “enslaved”. Still, as all that is very hard work and many bloodlines on both sides simply die out and payment stop when the payor dies until a replacement person with the guidelines is in place. Eventually, it would be far too much. Then how long does this have to go on? In essence, you are punishing people for lineage and that won’t last long without revolt. So they are wrong when they say “for black Americans”, because very few would qualify. Wes also need the remains of the enslaved person for comparison. Reparations will never happen and shouldn’t. Over 155 years later isn’t the time. If I was punished financially because I’m white and shared dna with some person who lived nearly 160 years ago – I’d go off grid. It’s hard enough to live now, and a forced expense newly 200 years after the fact is intolerable. Also, white people bought people that were already enslaved by their fellow Africans. Tribal war generated prisoners who were placed in bondage and sold at the coasts. What about the many many black slaveholders? Will there descendants help pay this bill? I simply cannot be all blacks and not all whites are guilty. Personally, since slavery was ended in 1865 and It’s 2022, I feel that there isn’t anyone alive who was enslaved and nobody alive who enslaved anyone else. This who things is academic and won’t happen which makes it a waste of time.

  3. How is it controversial and sensitive when you talking about other races it was cut the check and they got the check for us it's sensitive controversial man bye this s*** don't even sound right

  4. Who are they to tell black people who's ancestors built this nation what to do with their reparation money . That black women is a joke

  5. 1#. HEIR. At common law. A person who succeeds, by the rules of law , to an estate in lands, tenements, or hereditaments, upon the death of his ancestor, by descent and right of relationship. The term “heir” has a very different signification at common law from what it has in those states and countries which have adopted the civil law. In the latter, the term is indiscriminately applied to all persons who are called to the succession, whether by the act of the party or by operation of law. The person who is created universal successor by a will is called the “ testamentary heir; “ and the next of kin by blood is, in cases of in testacy, called the “ heir at law,” or “ heir by intestacy.” The executor of the common law in many respects corresponds to the testamentary heir of the civil law. Again, the administrator in many respects corresponds with the heir by intestacy. By the common law, executors and administrators have no right except to the personal estate of the deceased; whereas the heir by the civil law is authorized to administer both the personal and real estate. Story, ConfI Laws,$$ 507, 508. EGYPTIAN TANGIBLE PROPERTY’S, FOR REPARATION, AND REPATRIATION. AMEN 2# TANGIBLE PROPERTY. property which may be touched; such as is perceptible to the senses; corporeal property, whether real or personal. The phrase is used in opposition to such species of property as patents, franchises, copyrights, rents, ways, and incorporeal property generally. EGYPTIAN TANGIBLE PROPERTY’S. TANGIBLE PROPERTY. property which may be touched; such as is perceptible to the senses; corporeal property, whether real or personal. The phrase is used in opposition to such species of property as patents, franchises, copyrights, rents, ways, and incorporeal property generally. EGYPTIAN TANGIBLE PROPERTY’S. FOR REPARATION, AND REPATRIATION. AMEN 3# HEIR AT LAW. He who, after his ancestor’s death intestate, has a right to inherit all lands, tenements, and hereditaments which belonged to him or of which he was seised. The same as “ heir general.” EGYPTIAN TANGIBLE PROPERTY’S, FOR REPARATION. AND REPATRIATION. AMEN.

  6. The roman catholic church has been the leader in why black people has endured what we have endured. That little money they donated is a total slap in the face.

  7. I cant even wrap my head around if anything like what they want was passed, how horribly mishandled and naturally corrupt the program would be. It is impossible to imagine another program more destined for malfeasance or a program more destined for exploitation. This man is comparing people who actually went through the holocaust and got compensation, to himself. He is a distant relative of slaves, not death camp victims. Very selfish way to frame his struggles, considering it's completely unrelated. Disgusting when you put any thought to it.

  8. Looking at the comments, it shows that racism is very potent in the minds of many white people. They get so defensive and deflect any responsibility on the part of all white people who have directly and indirectly benefited from the system of white supremacy which has set black people back for generations and because this system is still in effect, it still is setting us back now. It’s not just about slavery, because after slavery Jim crows laws, and white violence resulting in death and loss of property and land for blacks continued on in America to the present day.

  9. Notice they don’t tell you how to get it they just say money is owed. Then they show you someone holding a BLM flag knowing it’s controlled by liberal whites.

    Be weary of anyone who tells you’re a victim without offering a solution.

  10. There is a fundamental point being missed by "Black America", which is going to anger the population based on the purely emotional attachment to the "Black branding" that has been adopted. All specific groups of government reparations have identifiable nations of origin, their cases are based on their ethnicity as opposed to their race. This is to do with sovereignty as opposed to decency, the government isn't decent.

    Branding removes the treaty party from their responsibility to honor a treaty to the beneficiary when the beneficiary takes on the brand as opposed to the named treaty group. For instance, if the government had a treaty with Chinese nationals and then through propaganda (for intrusion purposes) convince that population that they are light skin and dark skin yellow people (branding) and the Chinese nationals entitled to the treaty terms take on and name themselves by brand, would make themselves null and void of the treaty.

    "Black" is a brand, there is no such thing as Black people. By accepting the brand "Black", African origin/Aboriginal/Native Americans who honor their parent's bloodline identify as some national or make themselves stateless, thereby making themselves wards of the state. The reason America can treat Black people how they do with impunity and no consequences is that legally by their own treaties America recognizes Black people as wards of the state.

    To not recognize that all recipients of government reparations in any form have one thing in common is to miss the defining successful factor in their claims. They all identify as a national or consortium of national groups as opposed to identifying by branding (created by the state to make specific population wards of the state). As a byproduct of historical revisionism, by the defendant (government) of the beneficiaries (various African origin/Aboriginal/Native American groups) herein re-branded as "Black", lost knowledge of pedigree and the adopted brand thereby loses the beneficiaries the right to their inherent claim.

    By ADOS and Foundational Black Americans encouraging the population to identify by branding (Black), the work of the defendant (government and third parties) is done. By treaty in the foundation of the American constitution, Blacks were made wards of the state as property or 3/5th of a man and this has not changed. This is all taken into account under chain of title when investigating the case for reparations by the defendant (government). LGBT identify purely as American citizens and have aligned socio-economic interests in the collective advocacy without descent from LGBT fringe groups.

  11. ok well they are the rsce that has inslaved us all not just them so go cry to someone else. go get your pity from your owne race that is not our fault you stayed here they didmt wamt to buy you back because you were half white you all just dont know it yet

  12. Nope. I don’t owe anyone anything. I am responsible for no one’s actions other than my own and do not owe anyone for the actions of others. I will not be paying people who were never slaves my own money when I also never owned slaves.

  13. That's how a people have continually shirked responsibility to relationships.

    That just shows that the European heterogeneous population of the globe will never take responsibility for their actions against the rest of the planet

  14. The comments under any video discussing this shows that the general public doesnt understand that the top 10% of enslavers are the ancestors of the 1% now

    We dont want poor white peoples cash.

    Black americans dont get to use bootstrapping because we were brought here with no shoes. We are always making our own disposable sneakers

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