History vs. Cleopatra – Alex Gendler

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She was the most notorious woman in ancient history, a queen who enraptured not one but two of Rome’s greatest generals. But was she just a skilled seductress – or a great ruler in her own right? Alex Gendler puts this controversial figure on trial in History vs. Cleopatra.

Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by Brett Underhill.


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  1. The prosecutor and defendant arguments remain the same. Human Rights vs Political Stability which is true in modern times.

    The subject of the trail should depend on the laws of those times rather than today.

    The fact of the matter is there is no Nobility in the human history of any country as all of them have been of Exploitation, Oppression, Loot and Slavery.

  2. -Cleopatra's family line is mostly Greek, Egyptian might have mixed in but not too significantly
    -Cleopatra ruled Egypt about 250 years after a Hellenistic line took over the country and though not outright replacing Egyptian culture slowly introduced more and more Greek elements into it over time
    -Almost all artwork of the time, from sculptures to coins, showed her looking very Mediterranean, and often sporting curly hair in a bun instead of Egyptian bangs
    So why does every medium draw Hatshepsut and call her Cleopatra?

  3. she also ordered the execution of her own sister to maintain her power but today we have plenty of female heads of state like Elizabeth II queen of the united kingdom, her cousin Margareta II queen of Denmark and Angela Merkel the current chancellor of Germany


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