September 22, 2023
Holding a Black Lives Matter Sign in America's Most Racist Town

44 thoughts on “Holding a Black Lives Matter Sign in America's Most Racist Town

  1. The blm is now shown out to be such a bunch of lies , supported by the biggest reality denying , history revising , RACISTS EVER . Nothing is fact based with these proseltysing ideologically posessed reactionarys . Anyone who thinks that eerything is about race , is plain dumb.end of !

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  3. BLM ? Rich folks agitating the broke. Again. Easy way to stop racism.. dont be one. BLM is a hateful group. Most of you aint from the hood. You read, you believe , you talk. Notice how i omitted 'you experience'??

  4. Saying "Black lives matter", is not the same as saying "ONLY black lives matter". Yes, it is true that all lives matter, but in this world, black lives are the ones who need recognition because they are the ones being discriminated against; hence why we say "Black lives matter" and not "All lives matter". Saying "apples are fruits" doesn't mean that apples are the only fruits, you are just acknowledging that they are fruits too.

  5. I understand feeling a certain way in these situations but I can’t understand wanting to voice your frustration at him… he’s not even talking or bothering him just look at the sign and think to yourself in your head he’s a dumbass and keep it pushing but nah they just gotta talk to him.

  6. Gangbanging is predominantly done by black which is undeniable. So many Chinese, white, Indians have died because of black gang bangers but we don’t do this stop black people campaign stop with this bullshit all lives matter!

  7. please explain to me American tolerance: you can't say n word, but you still haven't come up with different words for Indians and Native Americans (Indian)? or do you not have a sense of national responsibility for their genocide?

  8. As a hispanic dude myself, I dont agree with the racial slurs being thrown at this dude, but BLM is an awful and deceptive organization. I agree with the message that black lives matter, but in reality all lives matter because we are children of God.

  9. This group is a lie. The group and the sentence have nothing in common. It is an Orwellian inversion of language. But hey, Keep simping for a group that wants you enslaved and or dead. At least you’ve virtue signaled, at least you’ve scored some social brownie points, though even the leftist women (who you really don’t want) still think you’re pathetic, and you’re shaking your spiteful fist at society and heaven.

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